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Become industry thought leaders through engaging, actionable presentations and articles 

We intentionally design, develop, and present multisensory learning experiences, resulting in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, forging of new relationships, and applied learning and perspective in the workplace.

Additionally, we love to write relevant and useful articles for your blog, newsletter, or magazine based upon stakeholder interviews, industry best practices, and personal experiences.

Following are just a handful of examples describing how the Event Garde team can utilize our knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of you and your audience through speaking and writing engagements:

  • Customize a keynote/breakout session that speaks to the expressed learning needs of your audience.

  • Leverage the chosen modality (in person, virtual, or hybrid) to support meaningful self-reflection and interaction among learners. 

  • Develop visually appealing slides and supplemental handouts that support both knowledge acquisition and application.

  • Write a blog post using first-hand experiences to solve a pressing member/industry challenge. 

  • Collaborate on a unique article for your newsletter or magazine that centers stakeholder voices and perspectives.

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Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction

We believe that learners deserve more than a “sit-and-get” experience. That’s why we develop presentations that incorporate each of the following “learning events” to the extent possible.


We feel your pain points

Tired of the same old presentations presented by the same handful of eager industry volunteers who have little to no training experience? What about those professional speakers who deliver the same canned presentation from event to event and city to city?

If you’re looking to enhance your educational offerings with thought leaders who create an active partnership with learners, who personalize the content to deepen learner understanding around a specific topic or issue, and who prioritize learner application and behavior change, look no further.

Likewise, we can enhance and supplement your written content with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. If it’s a top priority for your organization to develop informative publications that stimulate strategic conversations and solve pressing member challenges, partner with Event Garde to deliver well-written, approachable, and actionable articles. 

Why organization rely on Event Garde

Event Garde is different because we employ trained facilitators and prolific writers who routinely work in the field both designing and managing meetings, as well as facilitating difficult conversations and strategic planning sessions. As a result, we are constantly inspired by our experiences and like to share our lessons learned with you.

But we go above and beyond simply sharing our opinions. Rather, we develop the toolkits, guides, checklists, inventories, eBooks, and other resources you and your organization need to succeed. We want you to not just envision a new solution to your most pressing challenge, but to acquire the skills and confidence needed to implement it. 

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Case Study

Association of School Business Officials International Affiliate Executive Directors Group (ASBOI AEDG)

Event Garde customizes four-part learning series for association leaders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic


We all remember just how impacted our associations were by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly early on. The Affiliate Executive Directors Group (AEDG) was no different. This workalike group sought ways to make sense of their “new normal,” effectively communicate with key stakeholders during this time of stress and change, deliver traditionally in-person meetings online and hybrid, explore non-dues revenue in virtual formats, and create new value for members.


Originally scheduled to present a half-day, in-person workshop to the Affiliate Executive Directors Group, the Association of School Business Officials Board, and other strategic partners, Event Garde successfully pivoted both its original content and delivery method to a series of four, 90-minute webinars. Each session was developed and presented by one or more of Event Garde’s subject matter experts and offered practical and actionable solutions for chapter leaders. 

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Interested in learning more?

To discuss your upcoming speaking or writing engagement, or to run an existing article in your industry publication with attribution, please contact Kara Nacarato, Event Garde’s Director of Development and Operations.

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