Our clients have enjoyed countless successful outcomes by partnering with the experienced team at Event Garde. Read about their experiences and get a clearer understanding of what you can expect from working with us. 


Dr. James Bell III

Just Solutions LLC

“I’m grateful for Event Garde and their vision for addressing systemic issues head on. This group has been known for providing a valuable space for individuals from different racial backgrounds to come together and engage in open and honest dialogue about race and racism. I had an opportunity to facilitate a session with Krista Rowe on a session “Leading with Our Values: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, During & Beyond COVID-19. This was not the first time we have facilitated together, but I have always appreciated Krista’s willingness to create experiences where participants can share their perspectives and challenge their biases and assumptions. Krista’s idea of leading is centered in increased awareness and empathy and this is reflective of her facilitation style. I am glad to be in fellowship with both Krista and the platform Event Garde has maintained.”

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Megan Denhardt

Denhardt Productions

“Working with Event Garde brings such peace of mind. Aaron is incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, and forward-thinking. He asks high-level questions to truly understand the project goals - and offers observations and suggestions when there are areas to improve. His insights on content curation and development, faculty training, presentation best practices, learning format and overall program design are a huge asset to any organization looking to deliver high quality learning to their constituents. If you are looking to partner with the consummate professional to help enhance your organization's learning and education strategy - I highly recommend Event Garde!”

Education Strategy & Learning Design

Jane Evans

Dallas County Dental Society

“Dallas County Dental Society knows the value of Strategic Planning and that a great facilitator is key to each process. They have gone through the process for 35 plus years with many facilitators. I must say Aaron was dynamic, energizing and a breath of fresh air. He made sure all participants were engaged and their voice heard as the plan was developed. We look forward to working with Aaron again in the future. He would be an asset to any group developing a new plan or updating their current plan.”

Facilitation Methods & Strategic Planning

Susanna Joy

Michigan Public Health Institute

“I have been thrilled to co-facilitate with Krista in multiple opportunities with the field of public health professionals that we serve as well as with our national partner organizations. She has used her expertise to help guide multiple groups and work teams through equitable processes on the way to results that ensure inclusion, equity, and belonging for those on our teams as well as those most impacted by the work. She’s helped us refine work processes and get them moving when we have been stuck. One of the greatest tools she’s equipped our partners with is consensus-driven, equitable community agreements to ensure respectful, efficient, and effective working processes. Krista is perceptive, responsive, and has been a “Swiss Army knife” in our toolbox—ready with just the right skills to help us meet the moment. I am grateful for our ongoing partnership, and I look forward to more opportunities to include her in my work as a key facilitation resource.”

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Rebecca McKie, MPH

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services - Bureau of HIV and STI Programs

“Whenever I get the opportunity to work with Event Garde, I am always excited. The team is knowledgeable, professional, and highly organized. Our Bureau gained so much valuable information and skills from the Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitation Methods (TFM) course that we ended up adding additional sessions to train more staff in the methods. Additionally, we collaborated with Event Garde to develop a six-module series that focuses on virtual facilitation best practices. This was just a shell of an idea, and the Event Garde team developed it into an excellent webinar series that was engaging, informational, and conducive of all learning styles. I would recommend Event Garde for all your organization's professional development needs.”

Speaking & Writing Engagements

Ann Parker

Small Business Association of Michigan

"The Event Garde team helped the Small Business Association of Michigan reimagine our Annual Meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like many others at the time, we needed help understanding the possibilities and Aaron kick-started our project.  The engagement opened our eyes to new tools and provided actionable ideas that we used to create an engaging virtual experience.  Event Garde’s client onboarding, billing and project evaluation process are also impressive.   You walk away feeling like the whole team has you supported throughout the entire process."

Meeting/Event Design & Management

Sarah Sain

Naylor Association Solutions

“Event Garde and the Gardian Blog is a valuable resource for association industry leaders, offering insightful content and expertise. It has become one of my go-to destinations for the latest trends and best practices, helping me navigate the dynamic landscape of member engagement, communication and events. As a publishing partner for many of the state allied societies, Naylor works with the Event Garde team to share this content across these groups in order to grow the knowledge base of our entire industry and deliver excellence on behalf of all associations.”

Speaking & Writing Engagements

Melissa Schank

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

“TCDLA has gone through several strategic plans over the past twenty years. The work sessions with Event Garde, led by Aaron Wolowiec, were engaging, inclusive, and all left feeling accomplished. Sessions included staff, members, and board members. We had so many varying opinions and ideas which Aaron helped facilitate our very vocal group to work together and come up with initiatives that would continue to allow our organization to grow. The sessions gave our group a clear direction to set tasks to accomplish each initiative with realistic timelines. As we continued to work through our initiatives, Aaron helped us streamline actions, details, and metrics, leading us to success!”

Facilitation Methods & Strategic Planning

Todd Slater, Ph.D.

NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

“I had the privilege of working with the Event Garde team on a new senior leadership conference for our association members. I was short on resources, time, and experience for this effort, so I turned to them for assistance. Aaron and Kara were a pleasure to work with. Kara provided the project management and structure I needed to keep the project on track for a tight deliverable timeframe. Aaron provided his deep knowledge base and experience to help strategize, design, and then build the materials needed for the conference. The conference could not have gone off better and the attendees were extremely pleased with the experience and results. Partnering with Event Garde provided me the opportunity to deliver an exceptional learning experience to our members.”

Education Strategy & Learning Design

Steven Stout

Texas Society of Association Executives

“Event Garde assisted us in building a strategic plan for our organization with Aaron and the team delivering an incredible experience. Because of who we are, our volunteer leadership has sat through a number of strategic planning sessions - but nothing like this. From leading up to the planning, to during and following, Aaron took care of all the facets of the work. He challenged our leadership to think bigger and kept us at a strategic level while ensuring everyone’s voice in the room was heard - including our staff. My board thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Facilitation Methods & Strategic Planning

Korie Twiggs

Industrial Designer’s Society of America

“Aaron created and led an engaging, energetic webinar for my volunteer community leaders, which focused on successful event planning.  By developing a brief pre-session survey, which he distributed to our leaders, he used their content to drive the topics and discussion.  Our leaders love nothing more than to share practices and learn from one another.  Through Aaron’s thoughtful preparation and facilitation, our leaders participated in a valuable, content-driven experience, which resulted in a deeper understanding of the practices and methods used by their colleagues, along with new tools and resources to use when developing their own events!”

Speaking & Writing Engagements

Donald Wotruba

Michigan Association of School Boards

“We hired Event Garde to facilitate work with our staff of 28 to come up with an agreed upon set of common values and shared culture statements. This was scheduled prior to the pandemic outbreak and we were really pleased that Event Garde was able to pivot to completely virtual. While I was skeptical about how well group work of this size would do, it went extremely well through each of our sessions. By the end of our work we had new culture statements with great buy in from staff and also strategies for implementation so the internal work could begin in earnest.”

Facilitation Methods & Strategic Planning