Learn more and register today for our June 25-26 Technology of Participation (ToP) Facilitation Methods (TFM) course in Lansing, MI.


Several times a year, Event Garde’s team of knowledgeable and experienced thought leaders identify topics of importance to our community, then design and deliver engaging educational content and resources both in person and online.

In-person TFM Courses

Do you find you or your team facilitating important conversations with staff, board members, and volunteers, but don't necessarily have the tools to do so effectively? Do you struggle with circular conversation in meetings that don't seem to go anywhere? Are you anxious about what to do when conflict arises or someone dominates the conversation? Whether a routine staff meeting or a full-day strategic planning session, is it challenging to have a productive conversation that achieves consensus and produces results?

Virtual Community Webinars

When the pandemic halted our team's travel plans, we swiftly adapted by transitioning our services to digital platforms. Recognizing the value of sharing our knowledge and expertise with our community, we launched a series of webinars covering a spectrum of topics beneficial for remote work and digital collaboration.