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About Event Garde

Event Garde is a consulting firm that deploys creative, adaptable, and successful approaches to support your learning, meeting, and facilitation needs. Our goal is to act as your partner, asking your team the right questions to develop thoughtful strategy, implement sound operations, and achieve stakeholder value. 

Since 2011, we have had a role in the success of more than 100 clients as a direct result of the diverse and reputable thought leaders we employ, our commitment to growing the knowledge and confidence of the people in your organization, and the collaborative partnership we create from problem statement through solution design, development and implementation.


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Our team aims to help you grow and evolve on both a personal and professional level. From certified meeting professionals that manage meetings to certified facilitators that lead strategic planning—Event Garde offers a range of services that best fit your specific needs. Get in touch with our team today to start the conversation that will catapult you toward a path of growth and success!

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Our Brands

Healthy by Association (HBA) is a progressive health and wellness movement for busy professionals to connect around a shared set of goals and to overcome obstacles, prioritize and practice self-care, and to support and inspire one another.

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FACILIT8me is a safe space for facilitators of all knowledge and experience levels, regardless of industry, to learn, network, and transfer their takeaways and lessons learned. Participants are empowered with new resources, meaningful discussions, and advice from trained professionals they can immediately put into practice. 

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Our Process

Event Garde helps you transform the way you think, work and meet. Our Learn, Network, Transfer model allows us to provide you with the most relevant skills and resources to succeed in your career.



We soak up the latest research and trends on learning then incorporate those methods and practices into the resources we share and the meetings we manage.


We create intentional networking environments for clients and learners while also belonging to networks and organizations that result in our own growth and development.


We believe that professional development adds value only if it is transferred through meaningful rehearsal and retrieval exercises and then applied on the job.

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The Gardian Blog

The Gardian Blog, featured in Alltop and Association Universe, serves as a rich content library that illuminates topics and issues of importance to our community—particularly as they relate to learning, meetings, and facilitation. It is updated weekly by Event Garde's team of experts, plus monthly features of professional guest bloggers!

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Event Garde’s clients are always on the move. So our team keeps busy with meetings, events, presentations, tradeshows, facilitations, and more every year. Meet up with the Event Garde team at one or more of these upcoming events. 

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Event Garde’s team of highly specialized and experienced consultants have dedicated their careers to acquiring new knowledge and skills, and then transferring this learning to real-life scenarios, case studies and client challenges. We invite you to take advantage of our on-demand learning library to glean insights, best practices and lessons learned.

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