This list represents our favorite diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging resources, those we most often utilize or feature in our work, and those recommended to us by clients and colleagues.

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  • dRworks has a wealth of information regarding dismantling racism, including definitions, assumptions and workbooks, many of which can be used free of charge with proper attribution. One resource we use often is this white supremecy culture PDF.
  • Anti-racist reading list 
  • Podcast on the limitations of an Anti-Racist reading list
  • Educational graphic on contradictions for white people in racial justice work from the Instagram account @malefragility.


  • Jim Chuchu is a highly acclaimed filmmaker, musician and visual artist living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. His work is incredibly powerful. One image we use often is “All Oppression is Connected

Body Positivity

Disability Rights

Indigenous Rights

  • Article from Amnesty International: What are they? 
  • A guide to Indigenous land acknowledgement


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