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The Gardian Blog

The Gardian Blog, featured in Alltop and Association Universe, serves as a rich content library that illuminates topics and issues of importance to the association community, particularly as they relate to professional development.


As leading professional development experts, both Aaron and his team are regularly interviewed for and featured in industry publications.


Event Garde’s clients are on the move. Meet up with Aaron and the team at one or more of these upcoming events.


Event Garde’s team of highly specialized and experienced consultants have dedicated their careers to acquiring new knowledge and skills, and then transferring this learning to real-life scenarios, case studies and client challenges. We invite you to take a


Our clients have enjoyed countless successful outcomes by partnering with the experienced team at Event Garde.

Case Studies

Successes in Transformation | We aim to help meaningful organizations transform the way they think and work. Here are some of our favorite success stories.