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Expand the capacity of organizations to collaboratively embed DEIB in their work

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is relational work. When done well, it centers shared language, creates spaces for open dialogue, and prioritizes frameworks for equitable engagement. The Event Garde team uses our many years of experience in facilitation and education to anchor our instruction of key concepts and frameworks in ways that foster sustainable growth. 

Through our work with your organization, we will encourage participation that accounts for equity, acknowledges that vulnerability requires psychological safety, and recognizes that this is impacted by trauma and social group identity. We will work collectively with your organization, stakeholders, and team members to set and sustain your DEIB goals. 

Following are just a handful of examples describing how the Event Garde team can utilize our knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of you and your audience through diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging:

  • Education & Training: Utilize “we are all learners; we are all wise” approaches to deepen individual and collective learning around DEIB topics. 

  • Facilitation: Create a space for dialogue, learning, and strategic visioning that is structured and encourages equitable participation. 

  • Collective Visioning: Listen to the needs and values of groups to co-create a plan for better aligning values with practices.

  • Strategic Planning: Use a Technology of Participation (ToP) whole-systems approach to identify the internal and external threats to transformational change. 

  • Evaluation & Implementation: Equip organizations to create meaningful, actionable, and sustainable change through strong, accountable action planning methods and conflict resolution models.

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What is DEIB?

We define DEIB as rooted in anti-oppression work and based on language from Krys Burnett of 21st Century Organizational Development, paying particular attention to the dynamics that occur when only some elements are present.

Belonging is the outcome of holding space where individuals can fully contribute, have decision-making power, and shift the culture. It is the responsibility of those in leadership and of the dominant social culture to create these conditions. 

For examples of how Event Garde practices the work internally and holds ourselves accountable, please see our racial equity statement.


What gets in the way of DEIB goals?

Organizations often gather to discuss how they can become a more equitable institution, only to have the work they’ve done together and the conversations they’ve had “sit on a shelf” – often at the expense of those most impacted by inequitable practices. Even the most well-intentioned organizations can stagnate on their DEIB goals because of “competing priorities.” This happens when DEIB efforts are viewed as separate from the other priorities of the organization rather than as a critical part of its functions. 

It is becoming more common for organizations to recognize the value in creating racial equity statements or to include equity in their mission, vision, and values statements. But when the work stops there, organizations are at risk of “checking a box” and hoping equity will happen naturally. It won’t. Working towards equitable organizations where belonging can thrive is an investment, not a quick fix. It also requires a level of engagement from leaders, key stakeholders, and team members to make genuine change and progress. 

How can Event Garde support your organization?

Using the Anti-oppression Resource and Training Alliance’s (AORTA) facilitation tactics to guide the work, our facilitators employ equity-based facilitation methods that center marginalized voices and consider the ways that oppression impacts this work, such as developing community agreements, practicing and teaching Non-violent Communication (NVC) skills, equitable consensus building, and creating sustainable methods for continuing these efforts.  As part of our commitment to anti-oppressive values, Event Garde regularly employs cross-racial facilitation teams when facilitating DEIB content.

Event Garde will support your organization’s commitment to anti-oppressive and anti-racist ways of developing processes, protocols, and shifts in your organization’s culture. This work requires deep and honest reflections on the systems in which our organizations are created. To that end, Event Garde facilitators will help identify the areas where anti-oppressive approaches can be implemented and where there are systemic barriers to progress. Whether your organization is at the beginning of its DEIB journey, seeking to expand its efforts, or anywhere in between, Event Garde can support you and your team, helping to overcome barriers, and setting a meaningful course with strong goalposts.

For some of the resource materials we regularly use in our DEIB work, reference this curated listHave a resource you think should be featured on our page? Please fill out this DEIB Resource Submission Form.

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Case Study

National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention (NCFRP)

Equipped NCFRP and their partners with sustainable facilitation tools to increase equitable engagement with one another and those they serve


NCFRP and its partners are connected to a network of multidisciplinary teams throughout the United States that address important community, prevention, and public safety initiatives, particularly in the arena of child injury prevention. Most of these teams involve inter-agency partnerships between organizations from across the communities they serve. 

As a national network that works with a diverse collection of agencies and teams, NCFRP was uniquely challenged with developing and advancing a shared understanding and commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that accurately reflected each agency’s needs. NCFRP and their partner agencies set out to create a guiding framework for decision-making, facilitating dialogues and advancing health equity in their respective communities. They sought to develop a document that would honor the mission of each agency, while being mindful of the array of internal and external policies, practices, and political considerations that must be taken into account. This is a common challenge for multidisciplinary teams in both large and small organizations and networks – bringing together different perspectives, commitments, and understandings of DEI. 


To meet this need, NCFRP and their partner agencies, Children’s Safety Network and Safe Kids Worldwide, reached out to Krista Rowe at Event Garde. Krista was able to provide in-depth guidance on the creation of the Facilitator’s Manual called Health Equity: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment Guide for Multidisciplinary Teams (the Guide). The goal of the Guide is “to produce knowledge that will equip multidisciplinary teams and their leaders to identify and act on growth opportunities within the team and community contexts and support a shared understanding of the multidisciplinary teams’ commitments to DEI and advancing health equity in the community.” Krista facilitated a process to ensure that  the language and tone used in the Guide was inclusive, accessible, and equitable. Krista helped the team avoid jargon or terminology that may inadvertently exclude or alienate marginalized social identity groups. Once the initial draft of the Guide was prepared, Krista facilitated sessions with key stakeholders whereby they could review and revise the document. This iterative process helped refine the Guide, address any gaps or inconsistencies, and ensure it accurately reflects the multidisciplinary team’s DEI goals and values while honoring those of each partner agency. Krista further assisted in developing strategies to effectively implement and communicate the Guide, particularly providing resources for effective facilitation strategies to promote understanding and engagement among teams. Event Garde and Krista provided ongoing support to NCFRP throughout the development process, conducting regular check-ins, and assisting with the continuous improvement of the Guide through to its launch. 

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Interested in learning more?

To discuss your upcoming DEIB initiative, please contact Krista Rowe, Event Garde’s Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

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