Education Strategy & Learning Design

Build a compelling education portfolio of engaging learning and networking experiences

We first start with an inventory of your organization’s learning and networking assets. This education portfolio is then evaluated for stakeholder satisfaction, gaps, and opportunities. Finally, we help develop and implement a roadmap to both sunset old and pilot new programs based on identified needs.

Additionally, we partner with you and your subject matter experts to ensure learning and networking sessions are designed and delivered with sound instructional strategies that will not only engage, but effectively educate and connect your attendees, as well.

Following are just a handful of examples describing how the Event Garde team can utilize our knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of you and your audience through education strategy and learning design:

  • Assess the risk tolerance of your board of directors, education committee, and staff to change existing programs or pilot new ones.

  • Organize and evaluate the existing education portfolio through an objective decision-making model quantifying effort vs. impact.

  • Facilitate stakeholder design sessions resulting in new in-person, virtual, or hybrid program proposals to meet audience needs.

  • Create a comprehensive content strategy that unifies event education with publications and other key functions/departments.

  • Develop unique session formats, durations, curricula, and session materials aligned with event objectives.

  • Partner with your speakers to help them develop and deliver more engaging learning and networking sessions.

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Decision-Making Model

We believe that your education portfolio should be regularly evaluated to ensure relevancy and profitability. In addition to member/attendee satisfaction scores, this decision-making model is one way we help illuminate the effort and impact of your programs.


Don’t get discouraged; help is available

Did you enjoy a lot of leeway during the pandemic to create new learning and networking programs, but are now experiencing more pushback from organization leadership? Are your speakers excellent subject matter experts, but lack the training and experience to present truly engaging sessions?

Particularly in smaller organizations with limited resources, it can be difficult to split your time between meeting management and education development. But if you’re looking to finally untangle and organize your education portfolio, gain leadership support to sunset outdated programs in favor of more innovative offerings, and invest in your speakers to help them shine, we stand ready to join your team.

Think of us a little like a college or university academic advisor. We see both the big picture and the detail. Not only will we help your organization develop an intentional catalog of different offerings to meet the varied learning and networking needs of each stakeholder segment, but we will help you more clearly communicate these learner pathways and, ultimately, build brand loyalty.

Why organizations rely on Event Garde

The Event Garde team doesn’t just speak and write about the theory of education strategy and learning design – we’re practitioners, too. In addition to a range of short-term projects with clients, we also serve as fractional staff within organizations where we roll up our sleeves and work directly with boards, volunteers, speakers, and staff to support and guide long-term change management.

Ultimately, you and your organization benefit from the variety of successful interventions we’ve implemented over the years. We leverage and build upon successes from past projects; we continuously reference and tailor our tools and templates to your situation; and we anticipate and plan for the most common blocks and barriers. While we recognize that every industry is unique, we start with the best parts and pieces of past client work to save you both time and money.

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Case Study

USFN – America’s Mortgage Banking Attorneys

Event Garde evaluates USFN education portfolio; diversifies programs and formats to grow engagement


When USFN moved its headquarters from California to Texas in 2018, the newly hired President was charged with building a staff team from the ground up. When her first education director didn’t work out, USFN began its search for an experienced association education professional to navigate the existing programs scheduled in Dallas and Nashville. In the long-term, USFN was also eager to develop an intentional and comprehensive education strategy that would elevate the association’s reputational capital with members and their clients.


Event Garde was first contracted on a short-term/trial basis to support the staff and the Education Committee in planning and implementing the two identified events. But Event Garde’s role quickly grew into a more permanent, fractional staffing model. Ultimately, Event Garde worked closely with USFN’s President, Board, and staff to develop an organizational strategic plan and help oversee its implementation. Event Garde then took on oversight of the evaluation of existing education programs, the enhancement of existing education programs, the development of new education programs, the management of multiple content subcommittees, and the association’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

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Interested in learning more?

To discuss your upcoming education strategy or learning design initiative, please contact Kara Nacarato, Event Garde’s Director of Development and Operations.

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