We deliver equal parts strategy and accountability. While we typically don’t respond to requests for proposals (RFPs) due to time and resource constraints, we are eager to partner with you and your team using our tried-and-true engagement process.

We know that your project is unique.

It requires a custom solution that considers a number of factors, including your people and their ideas. Through our proactive process we spend time with you up front to ensure we understand your project needs, pain points, and desired outcomes before determining a proposed solution and recommended investment. This allows us to draw upon our prior experience while customizing the work we do with you and your organization to ensure a positive and actionable outcome.

Here is what you can expect when partnering with Event Garde:

Before the Engagement

  • Prospective clients reach out to Event Garde by completing an interest form or by contacting Kara Nacarato, Director of Development & Operations.
  • We will promptly contact you to schedule an initial exploration call with key stakeholders to understand your project needs. During this call we will discuss the following:
    • Project details (who, what, where, when)
    • Problem statement (What are your pain points and how might we help?)
    • Timeframe, key milestones, and budget
    • Success measures (At the end of this engagement, how will you define success?)
  • A proposed scope of work is created and shared with you and your decision-makers for review, editing, and approval.
  • An agreement is then created and sent to you for signature (to include final timeline, investment, and other contract terms).

During the Engagement

  • We know that even the best-laid plans can often go awry. That’s why our clients can expect hands-on project management throughout their engagement. Once an agreement is signed, we often like to schedule a kick-off call with key stakeholders. Additionally, you can expect regular accountability touchpoints to ensure the project is on track to meet all identified goals (e.g., timeline, success measures, and budget).
  • Aligned with our core values, the Event Garde team relies on well-researched models to support our internal work and collaboration among fellow team members, as well as our external work, relationships, and deliverables with clients and other key stakeholders. As a result, we consistently embrace these Conflict Resolution and Feedback models to help ensure a mutually positive experience and outcome while working together.

After the Engagement

  • Once the project has concluded, we like to conduct a wrap-up call to review the original challenge, to determine if the success measures were met, to review project highlights, and to explore opportunities for continuous quality improvement.
  • We’ll also verify that you have access to any final documentation/resources, we close out any shared workspaces, we’ve followed up on any outstanding financial matters, and we’ve explored any future collaboration opportunities. If you’re willing and able, we may also work with you to secure a testimonial and/or case study that we can share with prospective clients.