About Event Garde

Our clients think of us as a strategic partner who doesn’t just work for them—but works with them, as an extension of their team.

Who We Are

Event Garde is not your average consulting firm. The success of our more than 100 clients is a direct result of the diverse and reputable thought leaders we employ, our commitment to growing the knowledge and confidence of your people, and the collaborative partnership we create from problem statement through solution design, development, and implementation. Our clients manage leading trade associations, individual membership societies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies across the United States.

What We Stand For

Our cause

Event Garde helps clients address a range of unique and challenging needs through customized services and expert guidance informed by research, trend analysis, best practices, prior experiences, and intuition.

Our value proposition

Event Garde convenes a dream team of consultants and partners specific to each client – balanced in both skill and personality – to assist in the attainment of goals, objectives, and key performance indicators.

Our promise

Event Garde is committed to delivering engaging learning experiences, intentional networking environments, and the transfer of new information through meaningful rehearsal and retrieval exercises that is then applied on the job.

Our guarantee

Event Garde strives to provide the highest-quality services at competitive rates. But we’re not happy if you’re not happy. Our flexible and adaptable team values feedback and will work with you to ensure your expectations are met.

What We Do

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Event Garde is a trendsetting consulting firm that pushes the boundaries of what’s normal and expected. We not only deploy innovative strategy and operations for clients, but we dream up trailblazing topics for publications and presentations, as well as create niche resources for the benefit of our community.

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Healthy by Association (HBA) is a progressive health and wellness movement for busy professionals to connect around a shared set of goals and to overcome obstacles, prioritize and practice self-care, and to support and inspire one another.

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FACILIT8me is a safe space for facilitators of all knowledge and experience levels, regardless of industry, to learn, network, and transfer their takeaways and lessons learned. Participants are empowered with new resources, meaningful discussions, and advice from trained professionals they can immediately put into practice. 

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Core Values

Just as Event Garde is committed to helping our clients identify and carry out their core values, our team worked to develop consensus around shared Event Garde core values. The team participated in a facilitated discussion to help brainstorm and organize the core values we want to hold as a high-performing, virtual team, and we revisit them periodically to affirm and edit them to align with our current thinking and practice. Both explicitly and implicitly, we utilize these shared values as the foundation for how we work with one another, our partners, and our clients.

Moreover, the Event Garde team believes strongly in the values of profound respect and inclusive participation, and is committed to an anti-oppressive approach to our work that aims to make diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) a part of everything we do, including the implementation of these core values. Therefore, we acknowledge that in order for our team, our partners, and our clients to build and sustain a culture of belonging, where individuals can fully contribute and share in the decision-making, we must hold ourselves accountable to these core values.



The Event Garde team highly values open and honest communication, asking the hard questions when necessary and always utilizing feedback for continual improvement.


Trusting the competence, ability and expertise of our colleagues, we always assume the best in one another and appreciate the contributions of each Event Garde team member to the work.


As experts representing all areas of the country, the Event Garde team collaborates with one another through clear expectations, self-accountability and regular virtual connection.


A healthy team prioritizes good work-life balance. As such, the Event Garde team respects one another’s personal and professional boundaries, including time and workloads.


We consistently deliver our highest quality work and strive to exceed client expectations. And should we miss the mark, we value healthy conflict resolution strategies.


The Event Garde team’s continual commitment to personal growth and professional development results in an ever-expanding toolkit of knowledge, skills and abilities.


They say you will never work a day in your life if you love what you do. The Event Garde team is committed to always finding joy and happiness in our work with one another and with clients.

Strategic Directions

The Event Garde team is dedicated to translating our vision for the future into a tangible work plan, recognizing the need for strategic actions that align with our core values. Through a thoughtful analysis of our organization's dynamics, we've identified four key strategic directions. These pillars not only address real and perceived blocks and barriers, but also pave the way for creative and focused actions that take into consideration our current reality and desired measurable outcomes, positioning Event Garde and its clients on a trajectory toward holistic success.

Following are the four strategic directions that guide Event Garde’s work:

  • Prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging: This is relational work. When done well - both internally among our team and externally with clients - it centers shared language, creates spaces for open dialogue, and prioritizes frameworks for equitable engagement.
  • Achieving client outcomes: Our focus extends beyond service provision; we aim to exceed client expectations, delivering outcomes that contribute to the success of our clients' industries, organizations, initiatives, and stakeholders.
  • Expanding business development activities: With a forward-looking approach, we're expanding our business development initiatives to reach new organizations, as well as continuously improving our business development processes and resources.
  • Engaging in professional development: Investing in our team's growth, we are committed to ongoing learning and development, enhancing both individual and collective knowledge, skills, and abilities for sustained success.