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Expertly Managed Meetings + Events

We work with clients to plan and produce meetings and events of all shapes, sizes and scopes, including workshops, conventions, expositions and galas - in-person, virtual and hybrid.

Following are just a handful of examples describing how the Event Garde team can utilize its knowledge and expertise in meeting/event management to support you and your work with key stakeholders:

  • Identify audiovisual needs and secure a quote from one or more audiovisual companies.
  • Identify event details and work with the venue to write/proof event orders.
  • Scout and plan offsite dinner.
  • Process direct bill application with venue.
  • Negotiate venue agreement and ensure all deliverables are received. 
  • Secure housing list from client, process with hotel and deliver confirmations.
  • Review the final invoice, address discrepancies and share for processing.
  • Produce and post any appropriate signage.
  • Identify transportation needs, process with selected transportation company and deliver confirmations. 
  • Conduct a site visit and meet with all appropriate personnel.

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