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Looking for ways to make your marketing stand out from the crowd? Event Garde's expert storytellers craft powerful, inspired messages that pack a punch, leaving audiences engaged, informed, and hungry for more.

We specialize in strategy, campaigns, annual planning, event marketing, communications development, coaching, trainings, and more. Sample projects include:

  • Develop and implement an event marketing/communication plan.
  • Write and edit copy for various promotional pieces, including both print and digital.
  • Write, edit and publish blog posts.
  • Source appropriate images for marketing/communication campaigns.
  • Write and disseminate press releases.
  • Partner with The Image Shoppe for all design work.

Read. Learn. Repeat!

Our team's Director of Communications & Engagement, Sara Krueger, regularly writes for Event Garde's blog on a variety of topics related to marketing, communications, media, coaching, and more! Check out popular posts below:

Note: The following lists and tools are for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice or a legal opinion. Every matter is different and poses a unique set of facts and circumstances. Legal advice can only be provided after analysis of all the facts and circumstances of a particular matter. We suggest you consult with your organization's attorney if you wish to receive legal advice on a particular issue or matter.

Communicating in a Crisis - Cultivating Connection & Creactivity through the CARE Model - Guide to Empathetic Marketing - Clickable IconCommunicating in a Crisis: Cultivating Connections and Creativity through the C.A.R.E. Model

Changes happen quickly when a crisis unfolds, requiring that we adjust how we work with each other and engage with those we serve. As marketers, we might feel like we’re entering a daily war room with loads of projects as organizations cancel or re-envision events, explore new programming, and strive to communicate effectively with audiences. On the flipside, there might be a lack of work as decisions get held up by those at the the top. In this free downloadable guide to empathetic marketing, learn how four simple steps can be applied to build creative momentum in uncertain times, advance practical solutions in response to concerns, and craft tangible strategies for planning and engagement.

Clickable Icon to Downloadable PDF Guide from Event Garde Titled - Video Made the Marketing Star: Tips for Capturing Compelling Video Content

Video Made the Marketing Star: Tips for Capturing Compelling Video Content

Paragraphs rarely go viral. Videos do! More so than ever before, marketers are looking for a way to help their organizations and companies stand out from the crowd. Video is an excellent solution for grabbing the attention of those you wish to reach in a creative and engaging way. But making videos can be intimidating, especially if your team is remote and expertise, time, and resources are limited.

Drawing on her background in film, Event Garde’s Director of Communications & Engagement created this handy list of tips and tricks for producing quality videos that will help you foster deeper connections with your audience. A variety of affordable equipment and software options are also explored.

Intentional Marketing: Shaping Stories through the C.A.R.E. Model

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is top of mind for companies and organizations, but many teams struggle with how to incorporate DEI considerations successfully. This free, downable resource covers common questions and concerns that arise for marketers as they navigate the DEI space and outlines a simple set of steps for moving forward in an intentional and thoughtful way. It includes an assessment tool designed to help marketers determine levels of knowledge and confidence as well as opportunities for growth.