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Instructional Design

Event Garde has a team of instructional designers who are ready to help you create instructional experiences that are efficient, effective and appealing. We partner with you and your SMEs to design content your learners will truly value and apply.

Following are just a handful of examples describing how the Event Garde team can utilize its knowledge and expertise in instructional design to support you and your work with key stakeholders:

  • Conduct a needs analysis.
  • Identify and write learner-centered objectives.
  • Create engaging, learner-centered activities.
  • Develop supportive facilitator and participant guides.
  • Design visually appealing slide decks that support knowledge acquisition. 
  • Incorporate appropriate media into coursework. 
  • Create meaningful assessments and course evaluations.

To learn more about instructional design, what instructional designers do, and, more specifically, how instructional designers from Event Garde can assist you, your organization and your learners, check out this e-learning module, which was created using Articulate Rise.