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Facilitation Methods

Through the Technology of Participation (ToP®), we leverage engaging and time-tested methods to quickly synthesize information and help groups gain consensus. We can also train your people to become more knowledgeable and confident facilitators. 

Following are just a handful of examples describing how the Event Garde team can utilize its knowledge and expertise in facilitation methods to support you and your work with key stakeholders:

  • Utilize the focused conversation to provide for meaningful dialogue.
  • Facilitate the consensus workshop to build practical team consensus.
  • Employ the action planning process to clarify directions, align resources and designate roles/responsibilities. 
  • Leverage a variety of different approaches for environmental scanning.
  • Conduct strategic planning in a time- and budget-conscious way.
  • Ensure implementation of the best laid/facilitated plans.
  • Get core agreement from a group around a meeting, event, topic or idea.
  • Host bimonthly FacilitateMI community of practice discussions/meetings.
  • Deliver the ToP Facilitation Methods course for your staff, board and/or members.

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Technology of Participation (ToP®)