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Event/Systems Technology

We work with clients to understand their technology challenges, then evaluate and recommend appropriate solutions. Event Garde offers a full spectrum of support, including research, selection, management, training, optimization and integration.

Following are just a handful of examples describing how the Event Garde team can utilize its knowledge and expertise in event/systems technology to support you and your work with key stakeholders:

  • Organize client and stakeholder event information in MyConvention platform.
  • Gather proposals for and select/manage technology partners based on client needs, including but not limited to:
    • Abstract management.
    • Association management software (AMS).
    • Communication.
    • Data management.
    • Information management.
    • Learning management software (LMS).
    • Mobile/membership app.
    • Password management.
    • Project management. 
    • Registration.
    • Volunteer management.  
    • Website.