Empathetic Marketing: Cultivating Creativity and Connection in a Crisis

By: | Apr 23, 2020


59 minutes

We’re all in the same boat trying to make sense of the new challenges brought on by COVID-19. Changes are happening quickly and we need to shift how we live, work with each other, engage with members, and conduct business with clients and partners. We must look at the short-term impacts and consider how this major cultural moment will shift future behaviors. While things are stressful, there’s a silver lining. As marketers, we can help! We’re communicators and connectors who spark inspiration, instill hope, and build community. We’re natural problem-solvers and champions of innovation who have the ability to not only survive, but THRIVE in the face of adversity. Now is not the time to go silent. Let’s make some magic happen! In everything we do, context matters. In this webinar, we’re giving you permission to adapt and engage with a healthy dose of mindful marketing. Event Garde’s Director of Communications and Engagement, Sara Krueger, will share how her “C.A.R.E. Method” can leverage the unique skills of marketers and help organizations redefine success, build creative momentum, and pave a tangible path forward.

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