Empathetic Marketing: Capturing Attention & Cultivating Connections

It’s no secret the last year has thrown us curve ball after curve ball. From COVID-19 and canceled events to social and political unrest in the form of systemic racism, a contentious presidential election and the Capitol insurrection. Layer on top of this the usual programs, products and services we’re asked to market on the daily (e.g., membership, events and publications), and it becomes clear the environment in which we operate is messy, mired in feelings and constantly changing. This session will introduce you to the CARE model, a four-step process designed to help marketers capture attention, cultivate connections, build creative momentum and, above all else, meet your audience where they’re at. After this session, you’ll be able to:
1. Connect with internal and external audience segments in new/targeted ways.
2. Assess marketing goals, imagery, language, tone and timing.
3. Respond to your audience’s identified needs, build community and thank members. 
4. Evolve marketing strategies, budgets, services and delivery methods.

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