To Post or Not To Post: How to Modify Your Social Media Strategy Amidst COVID-19

59 minutes

After months of perfecting your social media strategy and finalizing your content calendar for 2020, you’re likely now in a position where you must deviate from the plan and, in a way, start from scratch. When it comes to social media posting, you may be wondering: Is it okay for me to stick to my original content calendar? Are the topics I had mapped out for the year still relevant? Can I simply push back what I had planned for the coming months? Should I be posting ANYTHING right now? All of these questions and much more are answered in this episode of our webinar series. Several folks from The Image Shoppe will be joining Event Garde CEO Aaron Wolowiec, including our co-host Rob McCarty (CEO), Zach Guy (Digital Account Manager) and Amanda Morton (Social Media Manager). We’ll discuss at a high level best practices for social media communications during COVID-19 and, most importantly, how you can effectively formulate and implement a modified strategy.

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