International Hearing Society (IHS)

Event Garde focus on collaboration improves member experience at IHS Annual Convention & Expo

"The Event Garde team brings extensive knowledge and experience to our events, and picked up 2022 planning quickly despite the shortened timeframe to help us deliver a fantastic conference for our attendees.”

- Alissa Parady, Executive Director

Benefit Summary

  • Rolled out a project management platform for tracking of key deliverables and timelines, along with automated weekly reporting.
  • Redesigned team meeting agendas and expectations to grow communication, collaboration, and productivity.
  • Increased communication with key partners, including hotel, audiovisual, and exposition contacts, to elevate staff and member experiences.
  • Led strategy discussions with staff and Board members to reimagine the event’s vision and purpose.



Following extensive leadership and staff changes, IHS desired a strong and seasoned event management partner to ensure a successful return to its flagship event. Event Garde was integral in building and managing the IHS Annual Convention & Expo from 2012 to 2019, but had not been part of the team during the COVID-19 pandemic. When a new Executive Director was hired in 2022, she quickly contacted Event Garde for help – both to navigate short-term concerns with the existing hotel contract and loss of institutional knowledge, as well as a long-term desire to grow and elevate the program.


Event Garde jumped in quickly to oversee the planning and management of the 2022 Convention & Expo. In addition to technical aspects such as reviewing the hotel contract and identifying a lack of sleeping rooms and function space, the Event Garde team began developing relationships with the new staff. Drawing upon Event Garde’s history with IHS, as well as extensive experience designing and managing association meetings, the Event Garde team not only helped to deliver an enjoyable and memorable member experience but also helped lead the association’s response to a handful of staff and members testing positive for COVID-19.


The 70th Annual IHS Convention & Expo was successfully held in September 2022 in San Antonio, TX, just six months after contracting with Event Garde. The event was well planned, well executed, and well received. Many attendees and exhibitor representatives registered for and attended the event, and several of those individuals personally welcomed the Event Garde team back. Now, with a full, 12-month planning cycle, the Event Garde team has set its sights on the 2023 program.