CCIM Institute - CE Department

Streamlining the CE Process

Streamlining the CE Process

“Event Garde helped our CE department streamline our processes and identify actions that did not fully maximize our efforts. Event Garde conducted a thorough audit of our procedures helping us identify inefficiencies to better utilize our resources."
- CCIM CE Department
  • Conducted an in-person audit of our CE processes, evaluated our methods and provided a range of options to improve our processes.
  • Did a deeper dive into some options that are tailored to our individual needs.


Creating a less manual process and better utilizing our resources to enhance the CE process. Create a system that better protects against missed deadlines.


Rearranged how we organize our continuing education processes, created standard files to streamline our submissions and digitalized our hard copies for better retrieval. Reorganized the roles and responsibilities of some members of our team.


We have implemented some of the immediate recommendations, and we are currently working with Event Garde to further expand on our long-term solutions.