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Gardian of the Month: Michael Williams

Feb, 24 2023

Our Gardian of the Month is Michael Williams, Associate Director, Creative Design Services for MPHI!

Learn: What's one subject you'd like to learn more about?

I want to learn more about the political structure in the United States. When it comes to social issues, I have many passions and opinions. However, I want to expand my fundamental knowledge about forming legislation and policies through our government. I am always a fan of stating what you don't know and trying to do personal research to expand your understanding.

Thank goodness for Schoolhouse Rock (I'm just a Bill)!  

Network: Tell us about one of your favorite personal or professional networks. What makes it special?

My favorite personal network is the lasting friendships created in my twenties working on theatre productions. I had fantastic opportunities to direct and perform in various shows where I met remarkable people. This network became my support system and solidified long-lasting relationships in my life. I am thrilled that several of those individuals are my best friends and have remained in my life for almost 20 years.

Transfer: How do you think mentorship aids in knowledge transfer?

Mentorship is one of the most powerful and effective ways to share knowledge. The mentorship model goes beyond general education; the mentor's role includes guiding and planning a path to ensure the success of their apprentice. This attribute makes mentoring an excellent way to help someone grow because there is enough one-on-one attention and reflection time to honor everyone's individual experiences, identity, and areas for improvement. 

Please share a resource and why you can't live without it.

YouTube is truly a resource that I use every day. This platform includes tutorials, educational courses, Ted talks, and countless candy-making videos (for some reason I can't stop watching)! YouTube is a one-stop-shop for education and entertainment, which I love and hate because a quick five-minute search can last five hours if you find a funny playlist or other random videos of interest. However, YouTube is my primary tool for discovering available videos around my topics of interest. I am a visual learner and work best with small clips because the information is delivered quickly, and the format makes the content more dynamic.

Just for Fun: Which season represents you best and why?

Fall represents my personality the best because it's a time when everything in nature (and life) seems to be changing to adapt to the upcoming new year. I am in a constant state of self-reflection, always working on learning and evolving - this aspect reminds me of fall. Also, I am not a fan of sunny days (I know that may seem odd, but it's true), and fall offers the first glimpse of consecutive cloudy days after the summer, which I love!

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