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Gardian of the Month: Lindsay Thomas

Jan, 16 2024

Our Gardian of the Month is Lindsay Thomas, Sales & Administrative Coordinator for Event Garde! 

EG: What is a topic that you are currently interested in learning more about? 

LT: As an accomplished business leader, I've always been fascinated with the metrics and KPIs that support a thriving organization. While I recognize the demands and emerging trends are ever-changing within the events and facilitation landscape, I'm eager to learn more about leveraging technology and innovation to drive overall success for our clients' industries, organizations, initiatives, and stakeholders. Continuously refining my skills and adapting with the industry will ultimately enable our team to propel our business forward, leading to continued growth and success.

EG: What’s your take on networking - necessary evil or a great time?

LT: While networking may not be my favorite activity as an introvert, I do recognize its immense value in building connections and opportunities. I see it as a valuable skill to cultivate, allowing me to expand my professional circle and learn from others. So, despite considering it a necessary evil, I appreciate the benefits it brings to my career and personal growth.

EG: What do you find most helpful in the transfer of new knowledge being put into practice? 

LT: In my experience, a combination of reviewing notes and handwriting them before engaging in hands-on experience is incredibly helpful in transferring new knowledge into practical application. Handwriting notes allows for deeper processing and retention of information, while reviewing them beforehand helps reinforce key concepts. Then, when it comes time to apply what I've learned to real-world scenarios, I can better understand its relevance and effectiveness. Additionally, receiving real-time feedback and having the opportunity to reflect on my experiences help solidify my understanding and improve my skills over time.

EG: What is your favorite hobby and how did you get into it?

LT: My favorite hobbies revolve around creating lasting memories with my friends and family. Whether we're testing out new recipes in the kitchen, enjoying annual lake trips, or simply spending quality time together, each experience strengthens our relationships while having fun! Discovering new recipes, especially while baking, is an exciting way to engage in quality time and explore our creativity. Our annual lake trips have become synonymous with relaxation and excitement! Whether it's boating and tubing, kayaking, or watching a beautiful sunset, these adventures offer us a chance to unwind and reconnect with each other. While my favorite hobbies may evolve over time, one constant remains: the significance of creating lasting memories with my friends and family.

EG: What is a resource that has been valuable to you in your work, and what makes you appreciate it?

Click the video below to see Lindsay's response! 

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