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Gardian of the Month: Bucky Dodd

Feb, 9 2024

Our Gardian of the Month is Bucky Dodd, CEO & Principal Consultant for ClearKinetic!

EG: What learner style(s) most resonate with you?

BD: I frequently use a framework called universal design for learning. In my own learning processes and facilitation with groups, I try to be very intentional about finding multiple ways for people to collaborate, represent information, and express ideas. This often means designing experiences that are customizable and adaptive to how people learn and connecting to why learning is important to them.

EG: Can you share an example of a successful networking interaction where your communication style played a significant role in building meaningful connections or partnerships?

BD: In a world where there is always a lot of information and ideas being shared, I try to remind myself each day to practice active listening. There is so much that can be learned from other people through listening with the authentic intent to learn and help people make the most of their ideas. I was working with a group recently. First listening as the group spoke and then helping them to create a shared language made a big difference to the value they were able to create through collaboration. 

EG: What is a challenge you have encountered during the knowledge transfer process? How did you address it?

BD: Great ideas often get sidelined because they aren't communicated in a way for other people to engage with them. Sharing new ideas is really challenging. Taking ideas that are invisible (in our minds and voices) and transforming them into visual representations or examples can make a big difference that helps other people engage and build on new ideas. 

EG: What is one thing that you’ve thought “I wish there was an app for that”?

BD: That's a tough question.😊 It seems like we have an app for everything. I'd have to say an app for avoiding air travel delays. Nothing gets to me quite like when air travel doesn't go as planned. 

EG: What is a resource that has been valuable to you in your work, and what makes you appreciate it?

Click the video below to see Bucky's response! 

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