FACILIT8me Checkin + Discussion re: Pre-Facilitation

Sep 30

Online, 1-3 PM ET

Interested in learning more about the FACILIT8me Association Facilitator Certificate Course? Please take some time to click on this link and read the provided information: https://bit.ly/F8meOverview. (We've found that downloading the document to your device clears up any fuzzy text.)

If you like what you’ve read and want to know when we’ve begun recruiting for the next cohort of association facilitators, please complete this course interest form or share it with a colleague you think might be interested.

As we are working hard to create cohorts of association professionals at similar role/experience levels, we may not be able to accommodate your first preference for season and year. So please, when indicating your continued interest, select all that apply.

Finally, should you have additional questions about this course, please email us at [email protected].  Aaron Wolowiec & Lowell Aplebaum will be facilitating this course.