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Link up like a professional

By: | Sep, 12 2018

LinkedIn is one of the most professional networking tools for professionals. But to be effective, it must be used correctly.

And that means really standing out, a new publication suggests. Purch, a digital content and services company, recently released a guide (for PDF of guide visit Marketing Whitepapers) for effective networking in 2019.

To stand out, profiles should be complete, with all sections containing at least some content. Similar to a resume, there shouldn’t be obvious gaps or blank spaces. In addition, Purch recommends using keywords in the headline, summary and experience. An example might be: “technical writer.” An employer looking for technical writers will more easily stumble upon an optimized profile. And always use photos, LinkedIn says.

Social media doesn’t work without active engagement, and LinkedIn is no exception. For example, someone could have 300 connections but how many of those connections are actually people with whom he or she engages? Users should be select about choosing connections, LinkedIn says, but should also make efforts to conversate. When sending a request, Purch suggests sending a quick note to introduce yourself.

What next?

Don’t be afraid to be a SME. Think about how many profiles you’ve read in which people aren’t afraid to establish themselves as the go-to expert in the field. Further yet, think about the content these experts post as testament.

To be an effective LinkedIn user, everyone should follow suit. Professionals should post original content on LinkedIn. Also, professionals should use hashtags and find their unique voice.

Finally, join groups. There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn for industry professionals. By using keywords, users can search among hundreds of like-minded colleagues. But, again, to be effective, group members need to engage. Start conversations; contribute knowledge; and don’t try to sell yourself. Instead, offer value and brainpower.

“Networking on LinkedIn is a great way to make connections in your industry, not only in your area but globally,” Purch says. “You never know what opportunities can arise when you can build meaningful relationships with experts and recruiters online. Now that you know how to network like a pro on LinkedIn, there’s no stopping your rising career.”

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