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Gardian of the Month: Jamie Notter

Mar, 15 2024

Our Gardian of the Month is Jamie Notter, Co-Founder of PROPEL.

EG: What’s one professional development goal you’ve set for yourself this year?

JN: My main professional development goal this year is around AI. Like most, I’ve explored ChatGPT, but I really want to integrate AI into some of my core work processes, and until now my relative lack of knowledge has been holding me back, so I want to up my game in this area.

EG: What tip or trick would you share with someone not super comfortable with networking?

JN: Well I don’t get very excited about networking either, but one thing I do is to simply be curious. Go into each conversation with a deep spirit of curiosity. This leads you to ask more questions, and I find when the curious tone comes through, people on the other side let their guard down a bit which makes the whole process easier.

EG: What strategies do you employ to encourage knowledge sharing within your team or organization?

JN: The key to good knowledge sharing is making it proactive, rather than reactive. Don’t wait for people to ask. Use asynchronous tools to get information out there before people even need to ask. It may feel odd putting stuff up there that you think no one will care about, but remember, you’ll never be able to know ahead of time who will care, so get it up there.

EG: If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

JN: Right now it would be Tokyo, Japan. Well, officially Fujisawa, Japan (south of Tokyo, on the ocean), which is where my brother lives. He’s been in Japan since the late 1980s and teaches at a university there. Fortunately, his research brings him back to the States every few years, but it’s been 18 years since I made a trip over there, so I feel like I’m overdue.

EG: What is a resource that has been valuable to you in your work, and what makes you appreciate it?

Click the video below to see Jamie's response! 

View the resource Jamie talks about here.

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