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Gardian of the Month: Danielle Guty

Dec, 31 2021

Our Gardian of the Month is Danielle Guty.

Learn: How do you learn and work best? In a coffee shop with lots of noise or in a quiet, library-like setting?

I think that each day and task comes with a new set of factors, so the best learning environment may need to adapt as well. If I am trying to be creative and in design spaces, I prefer the bustle and potential inspiration of a coffee shop. If I am trying to work on something tedious and specific like finances or research, I prefer a quiet setting all to myself with no distractions. In reality, as a working mom of two, I sometimes have to work while a child is singing into their toy microphone while the other is practicing their basketball dribbling skills. During the hectic times, I know that I am not going to retain much, so I pick simple items or tasks and hope that I don’t have a zoom call 😉 This is an ever evolving space for me since shifting to a home office and I am working on trying to be intentional and flexible about what I am doing in any space. 

Network: Social media or face to face? Which form of networking do you prefer and why?

Prior to the pandemic, I would have responded that my preference for networking was social media. However, now, I would love to be back face to face or at least have a combination of the two. I am missing the opportunity to connect and the benefits of making real connections with people. 

Transfer: Let's say that you just attended a certification course.  What would be your first step in applying what you learned? 

This can seem like an overwhelming task so I try to focus strategically taking notes during the course. I like to sort my notes or star them with action items so they are easy to spot. After attending a course, I prioritize taking the time to debrief, revisit, and reflect. This way, I already have my list of things that could be transferred quickly to current projects.

Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it.

This past year I have read and found myself returning to “My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies” by Resmaa Menakem. This book has had a profound impact on the way I understand and experience the effects of white supremacy on our bodies. I have worked in public health, social work, research, and DEI space for many years and this book has been transformational personally and professionally. I recommend it to everyone! 

Just for Fun: If you could live someone else's life for a day, who would it be and why?

We say often in our family that our twelve year old dog, Alfie, has it made. I choose his life for a day! He is fed organic eggs for every meal, his day consists of walks, naps, and snuggles, and this week he ate six croissants out of the pantry without even hesitating. He is living the dream.

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