Findings of 2022 Non-Profit Survey on Value Proposition

By: Allison Laux | Aug, 12 2022

Halmyre has released their latest report: Growing Value: Findings of Halmyre's Non-Profit Value Proposition Survey. This is based on the 2022 survey of Non-Profit Executives about value proposition, member engagement, pricing strategy, and data intelligence. Here are two highlights from the learning.

What Is Keeping Non-Profit Executives Up at Night

As we round the corner from the pandemic years, many non-profits are getting stronger. But there is also worry about the future of their organizations. The top 5 concerns reported are:
1.    Generating non-dues revenue
2.    Developing volunteer leadership and planning for succession
3.    Changing attitudes toward association memberships and services 
4.    Undertaking effective strategic planning in uncertain times 
5.    Shifting demographics 

3 Wins Driven by a Value Proposition

Having a relevant, approved and aligned value proposition drives sustainable growth. The most successful leaders report these successes:

  • 50% increase in loyalty/net promoter score.
  • 49% more reported successful revenue generation.
  • 69% more strengthened their value to their members.

Those non-profit leaders that reported having an aligned and approved value proposition, consistently reported growth because they were able to increase engagement, revenue, and resilience. Interestingly, many leaders (46%) reported that their organizations do not have a unique and relevant value proposition and are struggling.

For more survey results and actionable insights and tips on value proposition, pricing strategy and data intelligence read Growing Value: Findings of Halmyre's Non-Profit Value Proposition Survey.

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