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Watch Your Members Learning Rise to a New Level

Online training comes in a variety of formats these days and must cater to an evolving landscape of devices including the traditional, like desktops and laptops, as well as the more recent learning platforms, like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.  As we serve more learners, on a variety of agile platforms, new tools for presenting modern and engaging learning becomes a necessity.  Enter Rise, the easy to use, faster to market, web based, e-learning power tool.  For anyone in the e-learning and online education world, Rise is a powerful new asset, allowing for rapid content development, in a website style environment.   

Using Rise not only allows for rapid development, but also includes a game changing collaboration and review feature, aptly titled Review.  Rise and Review combine for a no-nonsense collaboration and development combo that enables instructional designers, content developers, subject matter experts, and clients, to work in the most transparent and easy to use e-learning environment offered today.  Drafts of a project can be shared to anyone with link, and collaborators and reviewers can upload documents, tag others in a discussion, add feedback, and more. 

With the speed and flexibility of Rise, converting existing content is faster than ever.  Rise can work for almost any project, and can be tailored for the needs of the project, big or small.  If you or your association want rapid development with open communication and review process, consider Rise for your next engagement.  The instructional designers at Event Garde have expertise creating training using this authoring tool and can consult with you to help determine whether or not this could be a viable learning solution for your association.

Please check out the Rise module linked below created by Event Garde instructional designers, which teaches learners what an instructional designer can do for their association. You will note that the module contains video, engagement activities such as flashcard review and matching. You will also note that you can embed Storyline modules into the Rise module providing a varied and robust learning experience for your learners.

Event Garde e-Learning Module

Embracing wellness from a distance

Aaron Wolowiec, CEO of Event Garde and Founder of Healthy by Association, recently sat down with Kiki L’Italien, Host of Association Chat, to discuss the current pandemic and its effect on the health and wellbeing of our families, staffs, members and clients. This blog is a recap of their discussion.

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Reconciling Revenue with Health: What Associations and Advertisers Can Do to Successfully Navigate Event Cancellations

​When a crisis like the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic happens, it’s important that associations and their event sponsors and exhibitors work together through the impact of preventive and reactionary measures on planned in-person events. Event cancellations or postponements that disrupt sponsorship- or in-person sales-based business initiatives aren’t ideal. But there are ways to work together to map out a mutually satisfying course of action that respects the science of social distancing, while acknowledging that businesses and associations can’t afford to cease operating completely.

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Designing impactful instructor-led learning experiences with the millennial in mind

When it comes to offering face-to-face learning experiences, such as a day-long interactive workshop or a 75-minute breakout session at a conference, associations must carefully consider the millennial learner’s needs and expectations.

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By: Mary Lou Jay | Mar, 25 2020

Making Remote Work, Work

​The rising cost of rent, talent acquisition and retention, and a desire for more flexibility from employees are ongoing challenges facing today’s association leaders. To address the issue, some organizations are reconsidering their office footprint and internal policies to offer full- or part-time telecommuting options.

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By: Lindsay Gross | Mar, 24 2020

The “Can Do!” Attitude: Managing Discomfort During Times of Uncertainty

​The uncertainly of the world around us is bound to cause stress and even anxiety. This stress, anxiety and discomfort can manifest itself in various ways. In these times, it can be helpful to identify ways we can best manage this physical and emotional discomfort.

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Watch Your Members Learning Rise to a New Level

​As we serve more learners, on a variety of agile platforms, new tools for presenting modern and engaging learning becomes a necessity - enter Rise.

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