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Voices and Views: February

Event Garde is committed to professional development, for ourselves and for our industry. As such, we’re avid readers of industry news. We’d like to share these must-reads with you.


Managers matter when it comes to workplace learning.

While self-motivation and self-directed learning is common and effective, without the support of management, efforts are moot.

Take the concept of coaching. Coaching not only benefits employees, but managers too.

“If managerial coaching can double the returns on training, as research suggests, it could be an enormous loss not to make it a key piece of your organization’s training program,” writes Stephen Meyer of Rapid Learning Institute.



Social networking is one of the most effective ways to meet people, and professional platforms, such as LinkedIn, can be key to building a professional rapport.

A recent story in Entrepreneur highlights some social apps to watch this year. Influencer marketing campaigns are becoming more popular, and they use virtual influencers and 3D avatars.

In addition, people are increasingly using private messaging and platforms such as Nextdoor.

“Though these platforms are primarily built for existing friendships or relationships, making it difficult for marketers to squeeze their way in, partnering with influencers on these apps could be a good start,” the story says. “There’s no way of knowing what will be the next Facebook or Instagram, but marketers should always be on the lookout for the next big thing.”


We continue to hear and read about the mass exodus of baby boomers, so why aren’t employers taking better advantage of their knowledge before departure?

That’s a good question says Richard Eisenberg in Forbes.

new survey of baby boomers found only 57 percent are sharing their knowledge. The survey found 81 percent of boomers are willing to mentor the next generation, but that’s just not happening.

“Include a retiree’s successor in meetings with key clients and vendors a long while before the retirement day comes,” suggested Bill Stoller, CEO of Express Employment Professionals. “Have a succession plan procedure in place that all employees understand. Doing these kinds of things avoids that awful day when workers realize the only person who knows something or has a key business relationship is no longer employed with them and they’re on their own.”

10 Ways to Provide Value to Your Virtual Event Sponsors and Exhibitors

Check out these 10 ideas for how your association can help your exhibitors and sponsors gain visibility and better engage with their target audience before, during and after your next virtual event.

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Healthcare, we have a problem.

How is it that the place I should be going to be healed, isn’t equipped to handle discussions on racism and its impact on my health? Well, because it is hard to be honest and say, I helped to create this problem. Or help to perpetuate this problem. Or even further, I benefit from this problem. So how do we fix it?

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Centering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Healthy Aging

Healthy aging. The phrase evokes images of older adults riding bikes, working in a garden or eating healthy foods. Healthy aging is so much more than activities older adults engage in each day. No one wakes up one day in their 60s in sudden good health. Healthy aging is part of the life continuum, meaning it’s influenced by what happens to us across our lifetime and by the conditions in the social and physical environments in which people are born, live, play, and work.

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Implicit Bias: What it is. Why it matters. What can be done about it.

There’s been a lot of conversation in the news and on social media lately about implicit bias, in particular its impact on the actions of police officers. But what are we really talking about when we talk about implicit bias and are there effective strategies to address it?

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Gardian of the Month: Kara Nacarato

Kara Nacarato, Event Garde’s Director of Development & Special Initiatives, is our Gardian of the Month.

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A Message for White People on Staying Present in the Movement for Black Lives

With the new rise in interest of White people on matters of race, there are also plenty of worthy critiques about the way we are participating – critiques on which texts people should read, who should lead those conversations, or if conversations are even the best way to begin. Some of these messages, particularly if you are new to this work, may seem contradictory for White folks. Let’s explore some of these assumed contradictions.

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