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By: Jeff Cobb | Jul, 16 2021

Speaker Spotlight: Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb helps individuals and organizations leverage the power of learning to navigate change, drive innovation, and shape a brighter future.

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What fresh topics are you speaking on right now?

The Future of Learning (and the Learning Business) and Maximizing Your “L” Factor: Lifelong Learning and the Future of Work

What is your approach to crafting an exceptional attendee experience?

I put significant time into understanding the current context of the organization and its members or customers so that I can craft examples of my points that resonate with attendees. Depending on the organization, this may include approaches like interviewing and/or surveying audience members and other key stakeholders in advance. Through relevant examples, storytelling, and - where appropriate - reflection questions and audience response, I strive to ensure that attendees not only enjoy the experience but also actually learn something in a way that's going to stick.

How would planners describe working with you?

As one planner put it, Jeff "is always prepared, provides valuable and practical information for the attendees, is punctual, easy to work with and always gets great feedback from the group." Another said, "The evaluations from the group were overwhelmingly positive with Jeff’s session called out again and again for being excellent and valuable. I was impressed with Jeff’s strategy to speak to a number of representatives from our member organizations prior to the meeting.  So rather than presenting a “canned speech,” Jeff provided our group with practical, real world content that specifically addressed their range of experiences. I know we all left Jeff’s session with pages of notes filled with suggestions to take back to implement in our organizations.

What’s your favorite thing about returning to in-person speaking engagements?

When done well, online speaking can be very powerful and effective, but there is an energy in the face-to-face environment that is different and that I am looking forward to experiencing again. Being able to see people eye-to-eye and sense the vibe in the room opens up opportunity for really tuning into the audience and delivering the highest impact possible.

What can audiences expect from one of your virtual/hybrid presentations?

I've spent my career as an entrepreneur and one who has focused on learning. So, my main aim with any speech is to deliver high value in the form of learning. Audiences can expect that they will definitely not experience "death by PowerPoint," that I will leverage approaches that reflect the latest learning science, and that they will walk away with information they will remember and be able to apply for positive results.

Is there anything you'd like our audience to know about your business?

Over the past few years lifelong learning has become recognized as an "economic imperative" in just about every field and industry. As a result, we have seen a surge in demand for speaking experiences that help attendees adapt rapidly to changing work and life contexts. That's exactly what I deliver.


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