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Sample Webinar Roles & Expectations


Following are the roles to consider when hosting a virtual event - from meetings to webinars to conferences. The needs of each type of event will vary and the size of the audience and engagement tools also make a difference. This list of roles may be filled by one person wearing many hats, or by many individuals. 

  • Virtual Event Planner / Virtual Event Specialist
  • Host Organization
  • Lead Presenter | Co-presenter | Panelist
  • Sponsor
  • Chat Moderator
  • Tech Support

Virtual Event Planner / Virtual Event Specialist


  • Provides, as needed, collaboration platform for presenters/panelists to provide event information such as final title, description, event type (meeting / webinar) and specific needs, pre-work items, presenter names and profiles/bios, learning outcomes, participant polls, event reminders, post-event surveys
  • Sets up virtual event platform, inclusive of the items mentioned above, as needed
  • Shares out to all involved presenters/panelists necessary access links
  • Provides presenters/panelists with best practices for virtual events
  • Provides support for presenters/panelists to test virtual platform
  • Markets event
  • Updates rotating slide deck with proper webinar title name, presenter name(s), date, etc; ideally this is converted to a video file


  • Signs on 10-15 minutes before webinar or as deemed appropriate with presenters if they need additional prep time
  • Begins rotating slides and opens event to attendees approximately five (5) minutes before event start time
  • Assists in managing participant admittance as needed
  • Provides support as needed throughout event, mostly behind the scenes, to support technology challenges of presenters or attendees


  • Edits event recording for future use
  • Edits chat text for future use
  • Sends final recording access and chat text access as appropriate to attendees
  • Sends survey to participants
  • Summarizes surveys and provides to presenters, hosts, etc
  • Provides presenter and sponsor with attendee list or other agreed-upon items

Host Organization


  • Determine desired topic and objectives
  • Secure content experts, presenters, panelists for virtual event
  • Collaborate as needed with presenters and planner on pre-event documentation


  • Signs on at least 5-10 minutes before scheduled start time of event
  • Represents organization
  • Welcomes attendees
  • Refers to slide deck for engagement options (ask questions, chat, raise hand)
  • Introduces presenter/expert/panelists/sponsor
  • If multiple presenters or panelists, help manage transitions and introductions, timing, etc
  • Launch polls as needed during event
  • Thank presenter/expert/panelists/sponsor; thank attendees and close out event


  • Informs virtual event planner of any outcomes, issues, concerns, challenges, highlights, questions, etc that arose during the event

Lead Presenter | Co-Presenter | Panelist


  • 90 days out (or more): Provides title, learning objective(s), session description and any other details for marketing the event 
  • 30 days out (or more): Provides any post-event survey/evaluation requests
  • 30 days out (or more): Complete additional event information such as post-webinar URL, polls for during event, content outline, and any other special needs or requests presenter has for the event
  • Prepare/revise/refine content


  • Sign on at least ten (10) minutes before scheduled event start time
  • Present content according to agreed upon method and timeframe
  • Answer questions, provide information, or respond to prompts as asked
  • Share talk time with other presenters/panelists as agreed upon
  • If moderating a group of panelists, other management tasks may be involved
  • Answer relevant questions from attendees
  • Respond to chat discussions


  • Share any slides, documents, links or other follow-up information post-event with event planner or organization host
  • Inform event planner or host of any outcomes, issues, concerns, challenges, highlights, questions, etc. that arose during the event


As a sponsor role may vary from presenting content, moderating a panel, or representing the sponsor, a variety of different pre/during/post webinar items may need to be considered. To reduce repetitive information, we are addressing a non-presenting, non-moderating sponsor in this section. For a sponsor that is presenting or moderating, see the other virtual event responsibilities in the previous sections.


  • 90 days out (or more): Provides host organization with appropriate collateral, logo, links, images, etc for marketing purposes
  • 30 days out (or more): Provide draft/preview of sponsor pitch to host organization
  • 7 days out: Revise/refine sponsor pitch; if not doing a live pitch, must submit video/slides/file for pitch to the host at least fourteen (14) days in advance

DURING EVENT (if/as needed based on sponsor agreement terms)

  • Sign on at least five (5) minutes before scheduled start time if needed at beginning of webinar for sponsor introduction
  • NOT required to remain on webinar entire time
  • Sign on at least fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled END time of event, if needed, for sponsor pitch
  • Deliver sponsor pitch


  • Share any follow-up information post-webinar with host organization to disseminate to attendees
  • Inform host organization of any outcomes, issues, concerns, challenges, highlights, questions, etc. that arose during the webinar

Chat Moderator 

During a virtual event, the chat moderator may have a variety of responsibilities for engaging attendees in the chat area with relevant prompts and questions, voicing chat comments, providing examples of networking prompts, etc.


  • Determine with host organization what the specific needs of the chat moderator will be for the event
  • Understand the general content flow and context
  • Review or prepare in-event prompts and questions for the chat area 
  • Determine when and how to bring chat room items to the attention of the presenter


  • Welcome individuals
  • Share chat tips with participants
  • Encourage participation
  • Post prompts or questions as agreed upon
  • Acknowledge, respond to and engage with chat discussions
  • Bring chat room items forward by voicing posts for others to hear (all attendees may not be viewing chat)
  • Lift up key questions in chat room to presenter at appropriate, agreed upon times


  • Inform host organization and/or event planner of any outcomes, issues, concerns, challenges, highlights,questions, etc. that arose during the webinar

Tech Support


  • Provides support for presenters/panelists to test virtual platform


  • Signs on 10-15 minutes before webinar or as deemed appropriate with presenters if they need additional prep time
  • Provides support as needed throughout event, mostly behind the scenes, to support technology challenges of presenters or attendees


  • Follows up with Event Planner to debrief technical challenges

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