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Post-Pandemic Life Invitation

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This guest blog post is by Holly Duckworth, CEO of Leadership Solutions International

It was day five of a five-day Chaos to Calm Challenge when Cindi piped up and said, “I’m so glad I participated in this challenge it showed me my default mode.” Let me be clear nowhere in the 5-day mini-course had I even said the word default mode.  In less than 20 seconds Cindi shined the light on what the course meant for her.  In the challenge, Cindi saw the default mode of life personally and professionally. How she lived pre-pandemic.  She felt her numbness and was waking up to new possibilities. 

While I knew instinctively what default mode was, I had to Google it.  Default mode network is a group of brain regions that seem to show lower levels of activity when we are engaged in a particular task like paying attention, but higher levels of activity when we are awake and not involved in any specific mental exercise.  Mental numbness.  Or as I refer to it life pre-pandemic. 

The pandemic of 2020 threw all of us off our default mode in every way.  No person, place, or thing was left untouched by the pandemic.  Therefore, none of us are left untouched by its possibilities. 

As we curl up for the long winter’s nap of 2020/2021, I invite you to decide on your new default mode.  Will you accept this Universe’s invitation to change, write a new default mode? 

This is your invitation to a new life.  How will you fill out the invitation?  
At your party/event/experience what will you eat?
What will you do?
Who will you invite? 
Will you make your post-pandemic life easier, or harder?
When will you begin?

This winter is the slow and steady acceptance that our world will not be going back to “normal”.  Can someone tell me what normal is anyway? Human’s post-pandemic will be different. Now is the time to choose that different. Create your new party/event/life or default experience.

Are you the person you got the invitation and you have not yet RSVP’d? Are you one of those people waiting around saying we are going back to normal?  When are we going to get it? There is NO GOING Back.  Life is now.  Life will be post-pandemic. Let’s plan for the post-pandemic life.

Yes, I get it, many of us, Cindi included are a little bruised from being thrown off the default roller coaster of life being stuck at home for most of 2020.  Here are a few considerations for your post-pandemic life event:

Think small.  If a microscopic germ called COVID-19 can throw the world into a tailspin what can you do if you think small in your own life.  Cindi got so much out of 25 minutes a day of mindful practices.

Think opportunity.  It’s easy to get thrown into the media, social, or otherwise negative spiral energy.  Use this as a trigger to think opportunity.  If a large portion of our world can now be unemployed, under-employed, or in a food line.  See this and think opportunity.  Reset what you do for work, how you do it, who you do it with, and what you consume.  

Think compassion.  Now is a great time to remember that there is no one way to navigate a pandemic and no one way to come out of one.  Some will be ready to party, others ready to maybe go to church, others may only be ready for small gatherings only.  When we emerge and moments of unknown awkward show up maybe just maybe smile, open a door and be compassionate. 

There may be lots of choices ahead of us, and it starts with one.  Choose acceptance we cannot go back to the “old normal”.  There is a vast exciting new beginning ahead of us as individuals and communities when we define a new default mode and write a new invitation to live.

Let the 2021 possibility begin. I’m ready with compassion for your post-pandemic life RSVP. 

Holly Duckworth is CEO of Leadership Solutions International where she unleashes human potential through mindfulness techniques.  As a teacher, author, and Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator Holly’s work transforms business culture, customer experiences and offers personal success. Holly is a New York Times contributor, host/producer of  Holly lives in Denver with her fiancé Eric where they hope to send wedding invitations in 2021 post-pandemic. 

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Post-Pandemic Life Invitation

None of us are left untouched by pandemic possibilities.

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