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Partner Spotlight: The Image Shoppe

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The Image Shoppe is a brand and digital marketing agency that provides the following services: brand marketing, digital strategy, design, copywriting, web development and fractional CMO.

LEARN: Share with us something interesting you've learned in the last year.

Even in down times there is still a lot of solid, meaningful work to do. Spreading the load is easier than you think. Sustainability has a long way to go to become relevant and meaningful for everyone.

NETWORK: What is your go-to networking tip or trick?

Be yourself - be transparent, be honest.

TRANSFER: What is your best advice for helping yourself or others apply new knowledge to the workplace?

Encouragement and not being scared to fail or to scare your team about failing.

RESOURCE: Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it.

My macbook - Chrome browser, Spotify, NPR.

JUST FOR FUN: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Weather and Lake Michigan Beach time.

To learn more about The Image Shoppe visit their website  You can also connect with Rob McCarty, The Image Shoppe's Managing Partner directly on LinkedIn or via email at  

Designing impactful instructor-led learning experiences with the millennial in mind

When it comes to offering face-to-face learning experiences, such as a day-long interactive workshop or a 75-minute breakout session at a conference, associations must carefully consider the millennial learner’s needs and expectations.

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Gardian of the Month: Luke Whalin

Luke Whalin is our Gardian of the Month! He shares his favorite part of learning something new, his go-to networking tip, the tools that help him retain knowledge and shares which animal's life he would like to live! 

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Gardian of the Month: Jannah Bierens

Jannah Bierens is our Gardian of the Month! She shares her favorite part of learning something new, one of her favorite professional networks, her tip to help retain knowledge as well as her favorite summer activities!

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Gardian of the Month: Andrea Starmer

Our Gardian of the Month is Andrea Starmer! She shares how she might help a wallflower loosen up at a networking event, the way she prepared for the CMP, the resource she can't live without (you probably can't either) and just who's life she'd like to live for one day. 

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Gardian of the Month: Rachel Kuntzsch

Our Gardian of the Month is Rachel Kuntzsch! Check out her tip for balancing work and studying with family time, why the New York Times is her go-to resources and why she feels Spring truly represents her!

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By: Aaron Wolowiec | Apr, 1 2022

The Last Relationship-building Activity You’ll Ever Need

As more and more groups begin to meet again in-person, the need for some sort of relationship-building activity at the start of sessions, meetings, or conferences has become less a luxury and more a necessity. Here's the last relationship-building activity you'll ever need:

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