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Partner Spotlight: The Image Shoppe

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The Image Shoppe is a brand and digital marketing agency that provides the following services: brand marketing, digital strategy, design, copywriting, web development and fractional CMO.

LEARN: Share with us something interesting you've learned in the last year.

Even in down times there is still a lot of solid, meaningful work to do. Spreading the load is easier than you think. Sustainability has a long way to go to become relevant and meaningful for everyone.

NETWORK: What is your go-to networking tip or trick?

Be yourself - be transparent, be honest.

TRANSFER: What is your best advice for helping yourself or others apply new knowledge to the workplace?

Encouragement and not being scared to fail or to scare your team about failing.

RESOURCE: Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it.

My macbook - Chrome browser, Spotify, NPR.

JUST FOR FUN: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Weather and Lake Michigan Beach time.

To learn more about The Image Shoppe visit their website  You can also connect with Rob McCarty, The Image Shoppe's Managing Partner directly on LinkedIn or via email at  

11 Safe Meeting Observations from the Front Line

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How to Communicate Price Increases

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The Delta Variant Isn’t The Only Reason to Rethink Your Return to the Office

A lot of leaders spent the last few months putting in a place a plan to reopen the office (in one form or another) after Labor Day. This pesky Delta variant now has a lot of people second-guessing or changing their strategy, but in the end that might be a bit of a blessing in disguise, because it’s quite possible that your return to the workplace strategy was doomed to failure anyway.

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How to Design an Educational Event That Encourages Actual Learning

Hosting an education-based conference or meeting can be tricky. Attendees come with multiple learning styles, diverse educational goals, and wildly different attention spans. But it’s possible to host an educational event that satisfies everyone’s checklists.

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The Quick Way To Price Your Hybrid Events

After running virtual events for free or very low cost, the first thing that you want to focus on is raising the price of any virtual components that you're going to offer, whether hybrid components or purely virtual events. Here are some thoughts to help guide you.

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