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Partner Spotlight: PROPEL

Event Garde partners with experts we trust to deliver the best. We draw upon the expertise of respected industry leaders to ensure your project gets the talent and attention it deserves. You can learn about more about all of Event Garde's partners here

PROPEL can help you achieve culture-driven performance & accountability. Their innovative and culture-driven consulting, coaching, and learning programs can take your organization to the next level.

LEARN: Share with us something interesting you've learned in the last year.

That it took a global pandemic for associations to realize that they could actually change quickly!

NETWORK: What is your go-to networking tip or trick?

My tip would be to get to know people online beforehand. Nobody does this but it would make networking SO much less stressful and awkward.

TRANSFER: What is your best advice for helping yourself or others apply new knowledge to the workplace?

You must articulate the "why".  Any new tool, new habit, new process can be started, but keeping it going means there has to be a really good reason that everyone understands.

RESOURCE: Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it.

One resource that has been amazing for us is Tamsen Webster's Red Thread.  She has a brand new book about it also. - it's all about how to really hone in on your most important message.  Sort of a problem-solution statement exercise but much more concrete and nuanced. It's awesome - ESPECIALLY for speakers, which is the audience she first designed this for.

JUST FOR FUN: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

The beach!!!!!  Simple but we go every year and I am desperate. I am one of those people who stays out on the beach ALL DAY both in and out of the water.  CANNOT WAIT.

To learn more about PROPEL visit their website  You can also connect with Maddie Grant, PROPEL's Culture Designer and Digital Strategist directly on LinkedIn or via email at

In Event Planning…We’re All on the Same Team

In basketball, you win as a team, and you lose as a team. It doesn’t matter if you personally play your best game, if you aren’t supporting each other and working together as a team, you won’t be successful. This is true of events too! 

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Breaking Down the Many Faces of Meeting Software (in VR)

Pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual tools for business communication. Now we live in a remote-first society that demands better ways of connecting online. Here we explore what Virtual Reality is, and the many forms that it comes in to help us connect with others remotely.

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Gardian of the Month: Ahliba Toffa

Ahliba Toffa is our Gardian of the Month! Find out her favorite thing about learning something new, her go-to networking tip, the resource she can't live without and a little-known fact about her!

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By: Shannon Lockwood | Sep, 9 2022

Aligning Your Venue Space, Content, and Experience Goals

You’ve just begun digging into the planning process for your organization’s next event. The venue contract was signed months (or even years!) ago, and you’re beginning to align the existing components of your event within the contracted space grid. And suddenly, a colleague comes in with their next BIG IDEA… and “the plan” goes out the window…

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By: Krista Rowe | Sep, 2 2022

How the Questions We Ask Effect Our Work

Often as facilitators we create questions to get to a particular outcome, to the extent that it guides the conversation in a narrow direction. Being clear about our own agenda for a question - the ways in which all questions are loaded and are directly connected to our own worldview – is super important.

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Forces Impacting Our Success: MSAE Members Complete PESTLE Analysis

During the Michigan Society of Association Executives, members and attendees had the opportunity to participate in a facilitated exercise to identify and explore current forces at play that are affecting them and their organizations. Following is an overview of those sessions led by Event Garde team members, along with the strategic insights and actionable business intelligence association leaders can apply to their work immediately.

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