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Partner Spotlight: PROPEL

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PROPEL can help you achieve culture-driven performance & accountability. Their innovative and culture-driven consulting, coaching, and learning programs can take your organization to the next level.

LEARN: Share with us something interesting you've learned in the last year.

That it took a global pandemic for associations to realize that they could actually change quickly!

NETWORK: What is your go-to networking tip or trick?

My tip would be to get to know people online beforehand. Nobody does this but it would make networking SO much less stressful and awkward.

TRANSFER: What is your best advice for helping yourself or others apply new knowledge to the workplace?

You must articulate the "why".  Any new tool, new habit, new process can be started, but keeping it going means there has to be a really good reason that everyone understands.

RESOURCE: Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it.

One resource that has been amazing for us is Tamsen Webster's Red Thread.  She has a brand new book about it also. - it's all about how to really hone in on your most important message.  Sort of a problem-solution statement exercise but much more concrete and nuanced. It's awesome - ESPECIALLY for speakers, which is the audience she first designed this for.

JUST FOR FUN: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

The beach!!!!!  Simple but we go every year and I am desperate. I am one of those people who stays out on the beach ALL DAY both in and out of the water.  CANNOT WAIT.

To learn more about PROPEL visit their website  You can also connect with Maddie Grant, PROPEL's Culture Designer and Digital Strategist directly on LinkedIn or via email at

Benefits of Professional Accountability Groups

Accountability Groups are becoming common practice - they can serve lots of different functions and mean lots of different things to different people. They are any group of like professionals who want to provide support for, provide personal and professional growth opportunities for, and build relationships with others in their field. Read on for the benefits of these groups.

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My Favorite Things - Event Planning Edition

As we come to the end of 2022 events, I feel tired, exhausted, and ready for a break. But looking into 2023's schedule, I am reminded of a few of my favorite things…so come sing along!

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Best Practices

Considerations for Year-End Well Wishes and Gift Giving for Your Members, Customers, and Staff

As the holiday season and year end approaches, many organizations look for ways to acknowledge the season with their members, customers and staff. But this isn’t always an easy task and depending on your audience(s), coming up with the right messaging and/or gift-giving idea is crucial to ensure your well-intended gesture reaches your audience as imagined. Whether you are looking to say happy holidays, happy new year, or a simple “thank you” for your support, it is important that you take time to formalize the appropriate messaging and gift-giving options for your audience.

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DEIA Data Collection: Overcoming the Hurdles to Advance Our Missions

One of the questions organizations struggle with regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) is, “How do we measure our efforts to ensure we are making the impact we are striving for?” Data-driven decisions are a good way to eliminate bias in any situation. There are research studies out there demonstrating the fact that successful DEIA efforts do lead to more innovative, productive, and higher earning organizations over their competitors. To share those types of results and narratives, we must have the data to support them.

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Redesigning Association Meetings for Attendees Fundamentally Changed by the Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, it should be no surprise that our business-as-usual, pre-pandemic meetings are going to miss the mark. Following is an overview of just some of the ways our attendees are different, why it matters, and the tangible design edits you might consider for your upcoming meetings and events to better meet these new and evolving needs and expectations.

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By: Kara Nacarato | Oct, 28 2022

7 Event-Planning Lessons Learned in 2022

Many of us are back to planning in-person events and while we continue to use our experience to help deliver first-class events, not everything is as it once was when it comes to event planning and execution. Here are some of the key lessons Kara will take with her into 2023.

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