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Gardian of the Month: Steven Stout

Our Gardian of the Month is Steven Stout, Executive Director for the Texas Society of Association Executives.

Learn: What's one subject you'd like to learn more about? 

Hacking For Good – I once booked a “white hat” hacker to speak at an event once and hearing their discussions on “hacking” for good I found totally fascinating. It completely inspired me to want to save the world from the comfort of an office desk chair.

Network: What's your go-to networking trick or tip? 

I really enjoy listening to people. I try my best not to dominate a conversation knowing networking is a two-way street. I have gained some really great insight just by shutting-up and listening. It is amazing what people will share when they feel very comfortable AND that you are actually listening to them.

Transfer: What resources/tools do you find most helpful in helping you retain knowledge? 

I love research I always have so anything I can get my hands on that has to do with trends or innovations in our space. I will take the time to read I probably subscribe to more industry magazines than I should but I enjoy the varying perspectives on things plus I feel more aware of what is going on in our space the more I read

Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it. 

There was a fantastic book that came out in 2018 by Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE called Pivot Point. Despite coming out in 2018 and reading it that year I came across the book again in 2020 during lockdown and in rereading it was shocked how applicable it was during that time. I think so many of us are used to being able to identify a solution to a problem or at the very least have an idea of how to approach a problem but last year definitely helped me understand the power of saying “I don’t know but I’ll figure it out” or being open to changing something that I wouldn’t have dreamed of adjusting in the past.

Just for Fun: If you could live someone else's life for a day, who would it be and why? 

Travel Show Host – getting to travel the world on someone else’s dime is incredible! Getting to experience food and cultures almost every day as part of your paid employment sounds like a DREAM! I have always loved to travel ever since I was little and have done a fair share but I watch those travel shows and think “what a life!”.

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Shaking Up Your Volunteer Strategy

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Gardian of the Month: Yesenia Murillo

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