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Gardian of the Month: Pam Donahoo

Our Gardian of the Month is Pam Donahoo, Chief Executive Officer for USFN.

Learn: Let's say you're studying for a big exam.  Are you a crammer, or do you like to plan ahead?

I’d love to say I plan ahead but other than readings, I am a crammer!

Network: Tell us about one of your favorite personal or professional networks.  What makes it special? 

I am an ASAE Fellow.  This has grown to be both my greatest personal and professional network.  I know I can get an answer or resource within minutes, not to mention my colleagues provide a built in therapy network. Even in this crazy COVID climate, I get text messages, phone calls or emails just checking to see how I am doing. 

Transfer: Think about a topic in which you feel you're quite knowledgeable.  How would you use this knowledge to better your industry?  

Over the years, I have become a regular fill-in on industry panels or education programs.  I think what I bring is a wide variety of experiences with several different associations.  My knowledge is how that experience is transferable even when it doesn’t seem like the organizations, boards, or staff have anything in common.  I also really enjoy one on one mentoring.  I find I have learned as much from these relationships as I have shared.

Please share with us a resource you can’t live without.  

Wow, has this changed in the last five months!  With things changing as fast as they have been, who has time to research every new thing.  I have really been paying even more attention to association and industry emails and the resources offered on their websites.  I have found ASAE Collaborate has been a treasure trove for information about how everyone is adapting to whatever the new normal is going to be.

Just for Fun: If you could live someone else's life for a day, who would it be, and why?

A member of the cast of Hamilton on Broadway (when Broadway comes back!). I can’t sing or dance, so there is that aspect that would be a fun ride! But the real joy would to be a part of a show that is such an incredible collaboration and so inspiring on so many levels. 

By: Kate Pojeta, CMP | Sep, 25 2020

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