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Gardian of the Month: Jannah Bierens

Our Gardian of the Month is Jannah Bierens Founder of PHREEEDOM Consulting and Facilitation. 

Learn: What's your favorite part about learning something new?

I love to apply my learnings to my work and life, and enjoy even more, recognizing the growth that occurs as a result. 

Network: Tell us about one of your favorite personal or professional networks. What makes it special?

I joined Public Health Awakened, a national network of public health professionals organizing for health, equity, and justice, back in 2017. It's been refreshing to connect with people across the country who have similar personal and professional passions. I find it energizing to network and learn from and with others! I've also gotten wonderful (and even life-changing) opportunities from being involved with this group. I'm grateful for it.  

Transfer: What resources/tools do you find most helpful in helping you retain knowledge?

Rhyming and word alliteration (sometimes with music) have proved helpful for me from elementary school all the way up through college and my career.  

Resource: Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it.

The book, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by adrienne maree brown has become a “bible” of sorts to me over the last five years. Not only has it been a source of validation, self-care, and useful facilitation tools, but the pages hold words of wisdom that have led me to other brilliant minds and resources. It is truly a gift that keeps giving! 

Just for Fun: What is your favorite Summer activity?

Prior to relocating to Michigan from North Carolina, I would have said food truck rodeos, but my NEW favorite is kayaking! 

By: Allison Laux | Aug, 12 2022

Findings of 2022 Non-Profit Survey on Value Proposition

Halmyre has released their latest report: Growing Value: Findings of Halmyre's Non-Profit Value Proposition Survey. This is based on the 2022 survey of Non-Profit Executives about value proposition, member engagement, pricing strategy, and data intelligence. Here are two highlights from the learning.

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Developing a Site Visit Itinerary

With sky high flight prices, travel delays, and lost luggage, it’s more important than ever to ensure every site visit is productive, efficient, and flexible. Here are 5 steps to guarantee that you are crafting a worthwhile itinerary for your group.

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By: Kara Nacarato | Jul, 29 2022

Flexibility and Creativity: The Key to Event Planning

As we prepare to kick off the busy fall conference season, we are continuously reminded that despite the resurgence of in-person events, the way we plan and execute events continues to require more flexibility…with a side of creativity.

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Designing impactful instructor-led learning experiences with the millennial in mind

When it comes to offering face-to-face learning experiences, such as a day-long interactive workshop or a 75-minute breakout session at a conference, associations must carefully consider the millennial learner’s needs and expectations.

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Gardian of the Month: Luke Whalin

Luke Whalin is our Gardian of the Month! He shares his favorite part of learning something new, his go-to networking tip, the tools that help him retain knowledge and shares which animal's life he would like to live! 

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15 Best Practices for Virtual Site Visits

In partnership with ConferenceDirect, I recently began exploring and conducting virtual site visits. Based upon our recent experiences sourcing a number of venues for national events, following are 15 best practices for making the most of your virtual site visits.

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