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Gardian of the Month: James Bell III

Our Gardian of the Month is James Bell III, Founding Principal of Just Solutions LLC.

Learn: How do you learn best?

I love a lot of natural lighting. I've had success at Michigan State's library on the 2nd floor to be specific, but can also get the job done at a local coffee shop. I'm also an avid people watcher 😊

Network: What's your number one networking trick?

Be authentic - I find it harder to connect with someone if I feel like I'm not being myself.

Transfer: What resources/tools do you find most helpful in helping you retain knowledge?

I need a good soundtrack. I tend to remember more information when I can tie it back to a memory and in most cases that's a song. I recently did a talk on Privilege in the Social Work profession and Think Twice by Donald Byrd became the anthem of choice.

Please share with us a resource and why you can’t live without it.

As of late I would say Canva - I love how user friendly it is and makes me feel like I can really do graphic design.

Just for Fun: What is your favorite season and why?

Definitely autumn. I may be the only person who says autumn in full, but I'm a fan of the layers and the leaves. 

Renovating Your Strategic Plan Virtually - Part 1: Understanding the Basics

Most associations view strategic planning as a necessary evil and cringe when the three years are up and it’s time to do another plan. Over time Boards can become jaded and skeptical of the strategic planning process, “We waste time and money on developing a plan and it never goes anywhere”. If this sounds familiar, your association is starting with an ineffective plan and/or flawed process to implement. This 3-part series will help you renovate your strategic plan so volunteers can once again get excited about the process and see actual results.

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Event Garde Racial Equity Statement Update

As an exclusively white organization, Event Garde recognizes that we have only begun on a much longer journey toward structural and not merely symbolic change. Here are the commitments we made in our racial equity statement last year, some examples of actions we’ve taken since it was published and examples of ways we continue to hold ourselves accountable going forward. 

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Think Like a Kid… and Find the Fun in Getting Healthy

All the excuses of 2020 aside, most of us kick off any new year with a million goals about our health. The huge influx of people to the gym that seems to dwindle off by the end of February. So, how do we find a routine we can commit to? My advice – think like a kid.

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Racial Equity Statements: Eloquent Words, but Do You Mean It?

2020 brought a significant increase in organizations providing statements and reflections on diversity, equity, and inclusion. While they were appreciated, it also prompts a series of actions.

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Gardian of the Month: James Bell III

James Bell III, Founding Principal of Just Solutions LLC is our Gardian of the Month.

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The Importance of Honoring Black History Month

Every year Black History Month sparks the annual debate about using one month to celebrate the history and accomplishments of African Americans. In 1926, when Carter G. Woodson pioneered the idea of Negro History Week, we’re sure he would have never imagined a whole month to coordinate the teaching of history of Black Americans in our nation’s public schools. And now 95 years later, James Bell III wants more.

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