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Bright Idea: Less is more

It seems all of us suffering from content burnout. Organizations are competing for readership and click through rates in cluttered inboxes, hoping people don’t hit delete before reading.

Recognizing the dying state of newsletters, the American Association of PAs downsized to a single e-newsletter to deliver news while better engaging its members.

About two years ago, a consultant alerted AAPA it was flooding members’ inboxes, sometimes sending as many as 10 emails per day. So, the association switched to a weekly newsletter, which has resulted in higher click through rates and less unsubscribes.

According to Associations Now, the newsletter is more closely aligned with physician assistants’ busy lives. More than 70 percent of AAPA’s audience checks email from a mobile device, so the newsletter is responsively designed and contains only six pieces of content.

According to Constant Contact, the average open rate for the healthcare industry is 17 percent.

“Because we are reaching more people and giving them permission to pull what they want out of their membership, we think the overall membership experience is stronger,” said Lisa Burns, AAPA’s marketing director.

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