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Bright Idea: Blogging for the betterment of the industry

By: | Oct, 12 2018

Communication is key to attracting and keeping members. 

Even if you’re not the best writer, blogging is a fun and effective way to engage audiences.

That’s why the Fiber Broadband Association turned to Medium, a free tool with almost 60 million users. FBA’s blog, Fiber on Fire, provides information on the technology powering broadband networks. 

Posts are usually short and sweet, covering a variety of topics.

“We share member updates, new research and our opinion on public policy issues that impact the fiber industry,” FBA President and CEO Lisa Youngers said.

In other words, the blog serves as an education tool, as well. At a time when technology plays a crucial role in keeping members and industry leaders abreast of trends and key topics, FBA seems to have found its niche.

At the same time, Medium allows versatility in posts. In some cases, blog posts can serve in lieu of newsletters. For example, FBA used its blog to share its third quarter update

Medium also provides an opportunity for users to extend their web and social media presence. For example, FBA embeds Medium into a sidebar on its homepage. 

With millions of users, the blog can attract many more eyes than the association’s website. It’s also an effective way to drive traffic to the website, which could result in more members and more dollars.

In short, despite what many may think, organizations don’t need a ton of resources, a team of dedicated writers or a big budget to blog. 

Some other free options include WordPressWeebly and Wix.

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