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The Gardian Blog, featured in Alltop and Association Universe, serves as a rich content library that illuminates topics and issues of importance to the association community, particularly as they relate to professional development.

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Value Proposition Is a Growth Process

For any organization, value proposition is the fundamental building block of growth. Understanding the process of managing your value proposition is vital, but challenging – especially for non-profits. Here are some do's and don'ts of a value proposition process:

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By: Aaron Wolowiec | Apr, 1 2022

The Last Relationship-building Activity You’ll Ever Need

As more and more groups begin to meet again in-person, the need for some sort of relationship-building activity at the start of sessions, meetings, or conferences has become less a luxury and more a necessity. Here's the last relationship-building activity you'll ever need:

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How to Price a Sponsorship Package

“How do you price a sponsorship and what factors should be considered when coming up with the package price?”

Dr. Michael Tatonetti shares a few considerations in order to give a proper answer. 

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10 Practical Ideas for Overcoming the Implementation Gap

You’ve completed the strategic planning process. Now what? How do you ensure the plan doesn’t collect dust on a shelf or get filed away on your computer never to be viewed again? The first step is recognizing the implementation gap is a very real phenomenon. The second is arming you and your team with the tools and resources necessary to overcome it.

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Gardian of the Month: Shannon Lockwood

Our Gardian of the Month, Shannon Lockwood, shares her favorite part of learning something new, whether she's a natural networker or more of a wallflower and she shares the three adjectives she's use to describe herself. 

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The 5 Crucial Steps to Sound Strategic Planning

No matter your viewpoints on strategic planning, one thing’s for certain: the plan that sits on the shelf and is never referenced is not doing anyone any good. So if you’re going to create a plan that’s worth anything at all, at least consider the following strategic planning primer strongly rooted in the ToP values of profound respect and inclusive participation.

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