Kate Pojeta

Kate Pojeta, CMP

Director, Meetings & Technology

Location & Hometown

St. Clair Shores, MI


Early in her career, Kate served as association coordinator for the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, where she managed two associations and focused on developing leadership students and advisers. Coordinating about 40 conferences, meetings and camps annually gave her extensive experiences in event and information management. On top of the conferences, boards, marketing, membership and other duties that came with the job, Kate was also responsible for the association’s in-house technology projects and websites. Then she had kids! “To make a long story short, I exited the world of long hours, overnights and weekends at an association and traded it for world of longer hours, nights and weekends working for myself - but with kids underfoot.” During early motherhood, Kate focused on consulting for clients from both business and association worlds on technology tools, as well as computer tech support, website development, and database management. Now she works with Event Garde clients on their conventions, exhibitions, technology projects and more!