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As leading professional development experts, both Aaron and his team are regularly interviewed for and featured in industry publications.

How Inclusive Are Your Meetings?

Not everyone feels welcome at your meeting. And some of that could be your fault — because of your speaker lineup, marketing collateral, or something else that’s making them feel like they don’t belong there. Here’s how to open your program to your entire community.

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8 Steps to Successful Mobile Activation

Thought leaders Aaron Wolowiec and Kim Harwood have created this user-friendly workbook in an effort to help you successfully activate your mobile app – no matter the platform you’re currently using. 

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Curriculum Vitae

Aaron Wolowiec is an award-winning learning strategist and meetings coach for leading trade associations and individual membership societies across the United States. Committed to the latest research and trends on learning, intentional networking environments and meaningful transfer exercises, he launched Event Garde, a professional development consultancy, in 2011.

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An Inside Guide to Web Redesign

Our current website is no longer meeting the needs of our internal and external audiences. I’m in the market for a web redesign, but I don’t know where to begin. Do have you any pointers?

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Audit Secrets: Leveraging Your Inner Entrepreneurial Spirit

A learning audit is a systematic review of either a stand-alone program or an entire meetings portfolio to determine its strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of guiding subsequent improvements. Outcomes can include a stronger brand, an elevated reputation and more loyal participation. Following are seven entrepreneurial secrets, as originally imagined by Peter Economy for Inc.com, with a learning-audit spin.

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Association Hunger Games: Victory or Defeat?

In the Association Hunger Games, the pitfalls are different from those faced by Katniss and Peeta, but still potentially deadly to your meeting, or to your organization itself. During a session Aaron presented at the ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition in Nashville, he had the opportunity to address the challenges associations often face implementing strategy. They include lack of detailed planning and clear expectations, poor communication and prioritization, and lack of accountability.

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Adhere to ADDIE: Guide event speakers with this instructional design process

Your association might not be in a position to hire an instructional designer. Fortunately, you can draw on a classic model, known as ADDIE, to guide the instructional design process. Consider how coaching your speakers in each of the following five ADDIE phases could result in quality instruction and an improved attendee experience.

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Speaker Coaching: The Key to Unlocking Top-rated Conference Sessions

Improving conference presentations is an iterative process. Mastery does not occur overnight. Rather, repeat industry speakers should be provided ongoing learning guidance, opportunities to practice new knowledge and skills, meaningful feedback from seasoned colleagues and staff, and job aids that enhance retention and transfer.

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7 Steps to Successful Site Inspections

Successfully navigating a site inspection isn’t easy; the key lies in advance plan- ning. Once you’ve considered all possible venues and narrowed your choices to no more than three, the following seven steps will lead you to an informed decision.

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Train Your Brain: How to use John Medina’s Brain Rules in your next meeting

According to Brain Rules, by John Medina, people usually forget 90 percent of what they learn within 30 days. However, if you understand how the brain functions, you can greatly improve retention and application of new information.

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