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As leading professional development experts, both Aaron and his team are regularly interviewed for and featured in industry publications.

Event Garde & Limitless Association Solution Resource Announce New Partnership

Today, a new dawn is defined by the partnership between Limitless Association Solution Resource and Event Garde. This powerful new partnership combines two super star teams, creating the Ultimate Dream Team within the association education and credentialing spaces.

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Association learner: Extreme skeptic or eternal optimist?

Aaron's article was featured on Association Advisor on June 11, 2018.

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Z is for ... Zealous

Kristen's article was featured on page 8 of the May/June 2018 edition of Association Leadership.

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Summer 2018 Michigan Meetings + Events Magazine

Aaron was featured as Best Meeting Professional in the Summer 2018 edition of Michigan Meetings + Events Magazine.

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For a More Agile Association, Look to Newsrooms

Newsrooms are structured so that reporters can meet readers’ needs quickly. Likewise, associations can follow this model to more efficiently respond to their members’ needs. Three experts explain how to leave the telegram model behind and move toward an agile system.

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Leading Learning Podcast

In this episode of the Leading Learning podcast, Celisa talks with Tracy and Aaron about the topic of learner engagement—including what it is and, just as importantly, what it isn’t — how to prime learners for engagement, and the importance of “constructing” learning experiences versus “manufacturing” them.

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Association Impact

On pages 14-15, winners of the 16th Annual MSAE Diamond Awards are featured. Aaron won the Supplier Partner award!

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New Year resolutions? Healthy By Association can help

Founded in 2017, HBA is a space for association and hospitality professionals, known in the community as #GoalGetters, to set goals, share workout accomplishments, exchange healthy recipes and, above all, stay motivated.

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Results-Driven Event Marketing for the Discerning Attendee

Co-Authored by Scott Oser & Aaron Wolowiec, this article was featured on Association Advisor.

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Analyze Your Professional Development Offerings

Aaron's article "Analyze Your Professional Development Offerings" is published on page two of the Membership Management Report.

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