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As leading professional development experts, both Aaron and his team are regularly interviewed for and featured in industry publications.

Redesigned Meetings for Pandemic-Changed Attendees

On Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022, Aaron Wolowiec presented a session on "Redesigned Meetings for Pandemic-Changed Attendees" during the Associations North Meeting Planners Symposium. Organized in a grid format, this handout helps examine some of the ways our attendees are fundamentally different as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, why it matters, and the tangible design edits you might consider for your upcoming meetings and events to better meet their new and evolving needs and expectations.

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MSAE and Safe Meetings Partners Receive 2022 Governor’s Awards for Innovative Tourism Collaboration

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, MSAE had the honor of accepting the Tourism Industry Coalition of Michigan's 2022 Governor's Award for Innovative Tourism Collaboration in conjunction with Destination Michigan, the Michigan Association of CVBs, MPI Michigan Chapter, Michigan Health and Hospital Association and Association Guidance. The award recognizes the remarkable collaboration of the Safe Meetings in Michigan Task Force. The collaboration, which consisted of 60 organizations, created and published the Safe Meetings in Michigan Guidebooks, providing extensive guidance on planning and hosting safe meetings and events amidst the pandemic. Aaron Wolowiec and Kate Pojeta from the Event Garde team are noted as collaborators on the Task Force.

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20 Key Considerations Before “Going Hybrid”

Since many groups were forced to be fully remote for the better part of the last two years, it seems that many are trying their hardest to avoid it as a solution this year. Particularly for those participants not yet ready to convene again in-person, but respecting those who are, groups are asking with greater regularity to shift to a hybrid model. What organizers are not recognizing, however, is that this approach to meetings often requires a different design plan than meetings either 100 percent virtual or 100 percent in-person. Before just “going hybrid,” following are 20 key considerations for both you and your organization to help ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved. This article authored by Aaron Wolowiec was featured on the Institute for Organization Management's Blog.

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Strategic Planning Overview

As a Certified ToP Facilitator and Mentor Trainer, Aaron Wolowiec is often called on by organizations to facilitate strategic planning. Usually, the aim is to identify long-term organization strategy and to generate shorter-term operational plans intended to help guide staff implementation; however, this process is equally effective at the department, team, product, and service level. Learn more about Event Garde’s proven three-part strategic planning process.

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What to Know When Hosting Your Association Event Outdoors

The pandemic has forced us to get creative with where we eat, learn and connect. Will a shift to outdoor events be in our future? Aaron is quoted throughout this article from Association Forum.

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Planning a Return to In-Person Meetings

This article by Aaron Wolowiec was recently published as part of the Texas Society of Association Executive's July/August 2021 issue of Association Leadership magazine.

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Recalibrating the Copy-and-Paste Event: 9 Deceptively Simple Questions You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Given the current landscape it’s no wonder we’re having a difficult time deciding what events to hold, postpone, cancel, reimagine, sunset, or transition to a new format (like virtual or hybrid). Here are nine sets of key questions to consider when working with clients as part of an event analysis before ever jumping into planning mode. This article authored by Aaron Wolowiec was featured on the Institute for Organization Management's blog.

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Successful Associations Today Podcast with Mary Byers

Aaron Wolowiec, the founder and CEO of Event Garde, established the Healthy by Association community for people in stress-riddled association and hospitality industries to connect around a shared lifestyle and inspire each other to invest in their health. He was the guest for episode #49 of the podcast.

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How CRPS Can Support Chapters with Virtual and In-Person Event Decisions and Design

Chapter leaders are eager to get back to in-person meetings. But are in-person events a responsible and viable option for the near future? CRPs want to help chapters make the right decisions and provide the support chapters need to host safe events when the time is right. What is the best way to approach this thorny issue? To get the guidance CRPs and chapters are seeking, Billhighway tapped the expertise of Aaron Wolowiec, CAE, CMP, the CEO of Event Garde, a professional development and meetings consulting firm.

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What the Experts Say About In-Person Chapter Events for 2021

A year ago, component relations professionals (CRPs) and chapter leaders turned their focus to virtual chapter meetings. Now, as the vaccine rolls out across the country, the focus is shifting again as the potential for in-person meetings becomes a possibility for chapters in 2021. New questions are arising as CRPs figure out what advice or directives to give to chapters. Should chapters plan on in-person events and meetings this year? Can they provide a safe experience? Will members be ready? Is hybrid a viable option? Like you, Billhighway had more questions than answers so they turned to one of the brightest minds they knew on association and chapter events, Aaron Wolowiec, CAE, CMP (and holder of many other credentials), the CEO of Event Garde, a professional development and meetings consulting firm.

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