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The Gardian Blog, featured in Alltop and Association Universe, serves as a rich content library that illuminates topics and issues of importance to the association community, particularly as they relate to professional development.

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The 4 Words of 2020

The descriptions of 2020 are overused: “in these unprecedented times” “we learned to pivot.” They are often accompanied with tactical lessons learned-embrace technology, use content wisely, etc. But are there larger lessons we can take away from 2020? This blog post explores lessons learned in 2020 with four words.

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Associations 2021: Building New Norms

Possibility. If Lowell was going to capture what 2021 is bringing with it – there is amazing potential and possibility. Many norms which were calcified in associations’ systems simply because of inertia have become dislodged. Over the past 10 months, associations have had to change so frequently the word ‘pivot’ has become hated. Not because of the change it implies, but because it is the norm which has defined each passing week. Yet, rather than reflect on what this upheaval has left in its wake, let’s look at the exciting new pieces in the next chapter of our narrative.

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2021 Membership Prediction

For many associations 2020 has been a year of incredible innovation and creation as we have been forced to change in so many ways. Now that 2020 is almost over and many of
those initial challenges are behind us it is time to focus on 2021 and what that might look like from a membership perspective. Here are some predictions from Scott Oser.

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By: Jamie Notter | Dec, 11 2020

Where Will You Be Three Months from Now?

In the association world, we tend to think in annual increments. Of course 2020 taught us some of the dangers of that annual bias and about three months in we went into “crisis mode”. We tend not to look back and evaluate what worked and what didn’t, so if we’re not careful, we’ll miss the key lessons behind our success and eventually slip back into our old ways. One of those key lessons was to stop thinking annually, and started thinking in two- to six-month windows.

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By: Peggy Hoffman | Dec, 4 2020

Will Chapters Be Relevant in 2021?

Peggy Hoffman explores the outlook for chapters in 2021 as well as lessons learned this year. She also notes the calls for action associations must take if chapters are part of your strategy to assure success. Also included are six opportunities for component strategies for most associations to consider in 2021.

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Now is the Time to Explore New Digital Non-Dues Revenue Streams

Associations have a unique opportunity to quickly evolve their communications approach to become more digital-centric. In turn, the addition of more digital communications allows you to open up more advertising opportunities, keeping your non-dues revenue streams flowing so operations can continue through the worst of this current crisis and prepare you for any that may come in the future. However, as you explore new digital communications your association can offer, keep these things in mind.

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