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Aaron Wolowiec

Founder & President

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Event Garde is a professional development consulting firm based in Grand Rapids, Mich. that works with association leaders who want to deliver dynamic, meaningful and compelling education and networking experiences. Our clients manage leading trade associations and individual membership societies across the United States (local, regional, state, national and international). As the premier source of expert advice and innovative solutions in strategic planning, instructional design and meeting management, Event Garde helps inspire attendee learning, engagement and community, while promoting superior business outcomes.

Through teamwork, leadership and a quality focus, Event Garde will:

  • Build the reputation of
    your meetings department and, in turn, add value and tangible deliverables to your recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Drive operational excellence by focusing on member/industry needs, empowering employees and optimizing existing engagement activities.
  • Exceed pre-established goals and objectives to secure
    key stakeholder buy-in, improved member satisfaction and a healthy bottom line.

You'll also have a partner who speaks your language, understands your unique challenges and adapts strategies that have proven successful in similar organizations. We focus on your people and the way you work. Your success is our only priority.

The only question is: What's the single-most important action that will make your education department even more successful in the coming year?

What's In a Name?

  • The term Avant Garde is used to describe the advance group in any field, especially visual, literary or musical, and is often applied to people or works that are experimental, innovative or ahead of the majority; trailblazers.
  • Event Garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or status quo, especially as it relates to continuing education. By partnering with clients to tear away preconceptions, Event Garde reveals dynamic programs, events and professional development experiences that result in thoughtful, enthusiastic and empowered learners and practitioners.