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Voices and Views: May

Event Garde is committed to professional development, for ourselves and for our industry. As such, we’re avid readers of industry news. We’d like to share these must-reads with you.


The first step in designing e-learning programs is to develop a strategy, according to SHIFT eLearning.

Strategic development includes laying out training goals, delineating the instructional approach, chalking out the activities that support the learning objectives and mapping the delivery route.

SHIFT says a strategy should also include some the following:

  • Target Audience: Who is your typical learner?
  • Content: Where are you going to get content from and how are you going to collect it? 
  • Marketing Plan: How will you spread the word about your new courses?
  • Evaluation parameters: How will you measure results?

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Building a network is one thing. Maintaining it is another.

A simple trick: Writing four emails per year to your network.

Long-form emails – those that include photos, videos, links and personal updates – can be effective at keeping those in your circle engaged.

But, as Jason Shen warns, this shouldn’t replace phone calls or Facetime. In-person networking and communication is just as important.

Other tips by Shen: Don’t spam people; be humble and personal; and don’t overthink your communication

Read Shen’s column in Fast Company.


The influx of millennials into the workforce as baby boomers retire is causing some gaps in leadership, says Midge Streeter, director of talent management and culture at Sequent.

So properly training upcoming leaders will help close that gap while also preserving knowledge.

“Identify, prioritize and engage potential retirees, even those who don’t have direct reports, because they still have organizational knowledge,” Streeter says. “Ideally, these near-retirement baby boomers will become mentors to high-potential employees and then transfer knowledge.”

By following Streeter’s advice, companies can keep knowledge from walking out the door with their retiring baby boomers.

For more advice from Streeter, read her interview in Smart Business.

9 Secrets to Building a Volunteer Surplus

Although the benefits of a successful volunteer management program are many and varied, the complexities should not be underestimated. Given the right approach, however, the investment can be well worth it. Therefore, make it easy, enjoyable and beneficial for your volunteers to give back – and you will be rewarded tenfold.

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Inclusivity: It’s more than words

Exclusion doesn’t just happen on the playground; it occurs in just about every social and professional setting. And as such, it’s time for a culture change, says Elizabeth Engel, chief strategist for Spark Consulting, and Sherry Marts, president and CEO of S*Marts Consulting.

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The Gardian of the Month: Trevor Mitchell

Trevor Mitchell, senior director of membership and strategy, American Mensa, is the Gardian of the Month.

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Turn your association event into an incredible content powerhouse

Planning an industry-leading event can be quite the undertaking, and nearly every association knows that the months leading up to an annual conference can be a bit daunting. While putting forth your best efforts to put on a great event, it’s easy to leave event- and year-round content opportunities on the table.

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Bright Idea: New look and feel

The Convention Industry Council just launched its new brand. As the result of member input, the organization is now the Events Industry Council, complete with a new logo.

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Navigating the millennial maze

Increasingly, it seems businesses are turning to post-graduation internships to fill slots left vacant by retiring Baby Boomers. And, of course, summer is prime internship time for current college students. And just in time, The Muse has released an e-book on millennials to help employers navigate the millennial maze.

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